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  Taste by Telquist

Taste cover art


I like a bit of laconic indifference in a performance and Telquist provides just that and then uses it to drive his song “Taste” towards the land of the offbeat and downright quirky. If you have taste and style, this one is for you. Sweet.

Review date:  June 20 2020

  Serve The Servants by Einar Vilberg

Serve The Servants cover art


I hadn’t expected Einar Vilberg to adopt the ways of the seventies rock band as effectively as he has and “Serve The Servants” duly resonates with musical purpose, deeper meaning and a guitar solo. A song like this needs a guitar solo.

  Fool by Tali Shear

Fool cover art


Sensitive singer songwriters are back in fashion and Tali Shear is one of them. Her song “Fool” is one of regret and misunderstanding – which is as one might expect – but she benefits from an honest and direct approach to her performance.

  I Don’t Want Your Man by Lexxi Raine

I Don’t Want Your Man cover art


I like a bit of career ambition and Lexxi Raine duly fuels her way forward with this, very modern, country flavoured song. “I Don’t Want Your Man” is as sharp lyrically as I would expect but her target is undoubtedly Nashville dollars. She deserves them too.

Review date:  June 19 2020

  Legal Tender by Pabst

Legal Tender cover art


Infused with irony and power punk influences, “Legal Tender” guides you gleefully towards delinquency and that makes for a nice change. Let’s face it, Pabst rawk like bands did when kids still went to the mall.

Review date:  June 19 2020

  Hideaway by Elis Noa

Hideaway cover art


A headphone song if there ever was one, “Hideaway” highlights the fact the Elis Noa are a duo who are more than capable of merging heart on the sleeve emotional intensity with electronic control. And so the night is here.

Review date:  June 19 2020

  Divide & Conquer by Smiling Assassin

Divide & Conquer cover art


Few can keep anger going like Smiling Assassin so it is no surprise that “Divide & Conquer” has more punk powered fury in its sub two minute duration than most songs will ever have. This is an extra hot curry pot noodle of a song.

Review date:  June 19 2020

  Techno Viking by Outblinker

Techno Viking cover art


Now here is some intensity! Mind you, you get to expect such a thing from Glasgow steamrollers Outblinker and “Techno Viking” duly engages the thunder and synthesisers in such a manner as to tear down the walls of Jericho.

Review date:  June 12 2020

  You Know I'm No Good by ElectroBluesSociety

You Know I'm No Good cover art


An Amy Winehouse song gets a respectful cover from ElectroBluesSociety with Karine Roerdink adding enough in the way of worldly yet feline intent to make “You Know I'm No Good” into more than a memory.

  More Than Heaven by Marina Matiss

More Than Heaven cover art


A song that lets you just drift away, “More Than Heaven” meanders through your mind with the spiritual intensity inherent to the words and voice of Marina Matiss easily conjuring up the clouds that cover us when we walk in the rain.

Review date:  June 12 2020

  Dream Around by Cate Von Csoke

Dream Around cover art


Minimalism drenched in reverb pretty much defines Cate Von Csoke’s sound and “Dream Around” ticks all the boxes for fans of such things with that insistent guitar driving her swirling words straight into your head. Twinkle, little star.

Review date:  June 10 2020

  Before The Dawn by About Last Night

Before The Dawn cover art


Engaging fully with the retro style requirements are About Last Night and the singer has absorbed enough of the eighties power ballad vibe to take their song “Before The Dawn” all the way to the bridge and beyond. Glittery emotions abound.

Review date:  June 10 2020

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