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  Try by Audiophunk ft Demi McMahon

Try cover art


Once more on to the dancefloor, my friends. Audiophunk provide the locked to the loop beats to get your feet moving while Demi McMahon gets her vocal focus on adding in enough emotion to stop your heart going cold.

Review date:  April 24 2020

  Hostage by Maya Malkin

Hostage cover art


Doing the heartfelt thing with more than the usual bounce is Maya Malkin with her song “Hostage” making her point while still remaining both radio friendly and friendly to every passing ear. Commercial but not lacking in substance.

Review date:  April 20 2020

  Coming Home To You by Andria Piperni

Coming Home To You cover art


Laidback and infused with a substantial amount of that neo soul vibe, “Coming Home To You” tells like it like it is, and how it always has been, with Andria Piperni having the voice to make it all seem so real. I feel a sigh coming on.

Review date:  April 20 2020

  Best Interests by Carmanah

Best Interests cover art


You can’t go wrong with reverb and Carmanah duly reverbrate with the steady groove that drives “Best Interests” forever forward echoing around inside your head as if to encourage you to go deep. I hear that.

Review date:  April 20 2020

  Couch Walker by Jenny Banai

Couch Walker cover art


Some singers have an almost indefinable quality that enchants and entrances. Jenny Banai is such a singer and, slight as “Couch Walker” is, her song nonetheless makes you hit that repeat button. Like it now for love is not far away.

Review date:  April 20 2020

  He Sees Me by Savannah Pope

He Sees Me cover art


Savannah Pope has a voice that would wake even those in the deepest of sleeps and seasoning her song “He Sees Me” with solid seventies blues rock musical moves provides more than enough evidence that she can also cross generational barriers.

Review date:  April 10 2020

  Wings by The Shacks

Wings cover art


Now, “Wings” is my kind of song. A subsonic bass line grinds away under the kind of sweet voice that is but a hairsbreadth away from sin to make this one into a permanent recollection in your musical memory. The Shacks are a band that sticks things in your head.

Review date:  April 10 2020

  All of the Feelings by Kiesza

All of the Feelings cover art


Full of retro groove moves, “All of the Feelings” triumphs over other songs of worship of the past by the sheer amount of energy that Kiesza manages to inject into her performance. She almost makes me feel like dancing. I am that uplifted.

Review date:  April 10 2020

  Brother by Aaron Smith

Brother cover art


You can feel the depth as you sink in to “Brother” by up and coming Scottish singer Aaron Smith with much in the way of melodrama and introspection providing the accompaniment to complement his rather fine voice.

Review date:  April 10 2020

  Bite by Rozette

Bite cover art


Loud and polished to digital perfection, “Bite” is a song that could only be of these modern times with Rozette providing enough in the way of vocal strength and to the point lyrics to make this song cut where others do not.

Review date:  April 10 2020

  Urban Alice by The Method One

Urban Alice cover art


Going back to days of Britpop to find the inspiration to grind up some guitars into a song works out pretty well for The Method One and “Urban Alice” will remind plenty of people of when they were young. The Method One? Oh, I get it. Very streetwise.

Review date:  April 10 2020

  Make Me Strong by Barking Poets

Make Me Strong cover art


Playing the chords like a band with a purpose, Barking Poets might well draw some inspiration from the days of punk but “Make Me Strong” is more about melody than anger. That said, if I heard them in a pub, I would definitely buy them a drink or two.

Review date:  April 4 2020

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