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  Got It Bad by Nuela Charles

Got It Bad cover art


“Got It Bad” nudges the urban soul genre back towards its roots with Nuela Charles having the voice and presence necessary to power her song on its journey. I don’t know if she is actually bigger than life but she ought to be.

Review date:  October 19, 2019

  Shapeshifter by Dee Lunar

Shapeshifter cover art


Given the evidence she presents in “Shapeshifter”, Dee Lunar must be the kind of woman that will always follow her own path. The lyrics swerve into left field pretension but you have to admire anyone with the determination to go strange.

Review date:  October 19, 2019

  Into The Woods by Sera

Into The Woods cover art


Taking a traditional approach does Sera no harm and, with all the boxes ticked to meet the approval of the modern day folk music aficionado, she easily makes her song “Into The Woods” into a future festival favourite. The witchfinder will have to track her down now.

Review date:  September 29, 2019

  Bring It All Back by Leanne Tennant

Bring It All Back cover art


Solid rumbling synths underpin this mature and pleasing song from Leanne Tennant. “Bring It All Back” throws in ear friendly hooks to keep your attention yet it is the oppressive intent of the lyrics that leaves the biggest impression.

Review date:  September 28, 2019

  Keep Breathing by HunBjørn

Keep Breathing cover art


You can’t go far wrong with engaging maximum mood mode and, with emotional intensity counterpointing the rigidity of the old school drum machine sounds, HunBjørn hits the mark square on with her song “Keep Breathing”.

Review date:  September 28, 2019

  I Should Know Better by Me Not You

I Should Know Better cover art


A robust song with some pop chops that entice the ear, “I Should Know Better” shines the light of critical acclaim upon the musical abilities of Me Not You and this song should take them onwards into the dawn.

Review date:  September 28, 2019

  Notions by Shookrah

Notions cover art


Feeling the retro love are Irish band Shookrah and “Notions” duly snacks on jazz funk and soul food for all of its sub three minute cooking time. Unusually for these locked to the loop days, the song has some musical class and the singer is, of course, pure class.

Review date:  September 28, 2019

  Hollow Coves by Firewoodisland

Hollow Coves cover art


Showing commendable persistence, Firewoodisland gives us more of the angst powered musical complexity that has been their signature sound and “Hollow Coves” will, once again, prove effective ear candy for those who have mature musical tastes.

Review date:  September 28, 2019

  Oak Tree by Nate Smith

Oak Tree cover art


Grungy overdriven guitar drives “Oak Tree” forward with a persistence and purpose that marks Nate Smith out as the kind of guy who stills puts passion, and perhaps even some anger, into his music. An antidote for our antiseptic times.

Review date:  September 22, 2019

  Electromagnetic Pulse by The Voice Tree

Electromagnetic Pulse cover art


The Voice Tree retro this one to the max with the ominous oppression of the sequencer once again using the drum machine of analogue descent as a weapon to get your attention while sweet female vocals provide the counterpoint that gives “Electromagnetic Pulse” life.

Review date:  September 22, 2019

  Shu! by Islandman

Shu! cover art


You can’t go wrong with the Islandman groove and “Shu!” duly mixes the organic and traditional with the kind of locked to the loop hypnotic rhythms that only a computer can create. Close your eyes and see all the colours of the rainbow.

Review date:  September 17, 2019

  Those Who Stay Behind by The Hengles

Those Who Stay Behind cover art


It almost seems an insult to describe a song as melodic in these computer controlled days but that is exactly what “Those Who Stay Behind” by The Hengles is. Those optimistic sixties influences are much to the fore and the song is none the worse for that.

Review date:  September 17, 2019

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