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  Ya Ya Ya Ya by Melting Mallows

Ya Ya Ya Ya cover art


Methinks people are likely to fall hook line and sinker in love with “Ya Ya Ya Ya” as Melting Mallows have thrown in enough retro riffs, good old fashioned hooks and melody to encourage you to join in on the chorus. Play it again, Sam!

Review date:  December 14, 2019

  Fetching Pitchfork by The Girobabies

Fetching Pitchfork cover art


The greatest blue collar band ever hit out at the hypocrisy of the world that we live in and light a fire under mediocrity with their song “Fetching Pitchfork”. Some might think that the Girobabies have gone a bit mellow but their knife remains forever sharp.

Review date:  December 13, 2019

  Still Good by Tyra Jutai

Still Good cover art


Those who seek the offbeat will find much to enjoy within the dramatic confines of “Still Good” as Tyra Jutai stomps her distinctly independent views into the lyrics of her song. It is good to hear someone who still has fire in their belly.

Review date:  December 13, 2019

  Something Real by Frederick The Younger

Something Real cover art


You can’t go wrong mixing wistful melancholy with guitars and a bucketful of reverb so it is no surprise that “Frederick The Younger” hit the mark with their song “Something Real” and duly make you believe that there will be a better tomorrow.

Review date:  December 13, 2019

  Nice To Have a Break by Honey Mooncie

Nice To Have a Break cover art


In truth, there’s not much to “Nice To Have a Break” yet Honey Mooncie, in her own low key and laidback way, turns her song into something that simply entrances your ears. It might just be the time of year but I feel quite sentimental about this song.

Review date:  December 7, 2019

  People Don’t Protest Enough by Catholic Action

People Don’t Protest Enough cover art


With sequenced insistence, Catholic Action steadily turn their song “People Don’t Protest Enough” into a subtly ironic soundtrack to our times with enough seventies Chinn Chapman factory influences to give the song pop appeal. Magic!

Review date:  December 6, 2019

  Divane by KasbaH

Divane cover art


A fine example of the hybridisation of robotic precision with cross cultural passion, “Divane” proves to be the kind of hypnotic song that both trendsetters and traditionalists would enjoy. KasbaH makes it all happen.

Review date:  December 6, 2019

  Collapses To Zero by Graham Norwood

Collapses To Zero cover art


Very much in the traditional singer songwriter vein, Graham Norwood swiftly moves his song “Collapses To Zero” far into mellow territory with enough in the way of country and folk seasoning to make him very acceptable to mature ears.

Review date:  December 6, 2019

  Intoxicated Girl by Claire Pitt Wigmore

Intoxicated Girl cover art


Balancing a sharp edged guitar with a wistful female voice is not an easy task yet Claire Pitt Wigmore pulls it off with her song “Intoxicated Girl”. The song itself is laidback in pace and seasoned heavily with melancholy yet the end result is uplifting.

  One Last Embrace by Eliza Shaddad

One Last Embrace cover art


“One Last Embrace” rumbles with nefarious intent as Eliza Shaddad grinds the power chords and insistent percussion into something she can sprinkle in the spaces between her words of angst and regret. I hear her!

Review date:  December 6, 2019

  Volvo by Lodet

Volvo cover art


A song about a Volvo? Indeed it is and, with the manic assistance of his drum machine, Lodet duly hits the road with his song “Volvo” whilst throwing in just enough twisted Beatles influences and angry guitars to make you want to join him.

Review date:  December 2, 2019

  Gladstone by Blair Lee

Gladstone cover art


Despite the underlying computer precision, “Gladstone” is still a song that wanders about in your mind after you hear it with Blair Lee putting enough of her heart into the words to make this one seem more organic than you might expect.

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