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  Jessy Yasmeen Let’s Slip Away by Jessy Yasmeen

Jessy Yasmeen  Let’s Slip Away cover art


You can’t really complain when a conventional song is competently delivered to your ears and that is what “Let’s Slip Away” by Jessy Yasmeen achieves. It is the kind of song that will easily get added to radio playlists everywhere.

Review date:  August 28 2020

  3'S a Crowd by Madison Olds

3'S a Crowd cover art


Loop me baby one more time. “3'S a Crowd” has that bedroom meets mall vibe but Madison Olds keeps her words sharp and duly draws more blood than you might expect of one with so many retro plastic moves. Well worth a listen though.

Review date:  August 24 2020

  What Goes Round (Comes Round) by Lauren Moon

What Goes Round (Comes Round) cover art


Resoundingly mature in sound, Lauren Moon pulls a handful of style out of the Robbie Robertson bag of old and turns “What Goes Round (Comes Round)” into a fluid and hypnotic song that simply screams out for product placement. I’d buy it anyway.

  Boy I Love You by Iris Hill

Boy I Love You cover art


You wouldn’t think that a band from Israel would have Britpop as an obvious influence yet “Boy I Love You” shows that Iris Hill have indeed followed that particular musical path and, once again, intelligent pop music takes it all the way to the bridge.

Review date:  August 23 2020

  We Could Be High by Anna Krantz

We Could Be High cover art


Made with a bit of Americana, a bit of modern day country and topped off with a dash of sugar coated charm, “We Could Be High” highlights Anna Krantz’s ability to produce easy on the ear and radio friendly songs that sound great in a car.

  Nosotros Y Los Demas by Andrex Montenegro

Nosotros Y Los Demas cover art


Whilst remaining endearingly manic throughout, Andrex Montenegro nonetheless steers his song “Nosotros Y Los Demas” swiftly away from the land of the raucous in search of greater, guitar powered, melodic purpose. Play it again (and again).

Review date:  August 23 2020

  Staring At The Sky by Strange Pilgrim

Staring At The Sky cover art


Something of a throwback to the summer days of times long gone, “Staring At The Sky” drifts through the sweet smelling smoke to leave fond memories of Strange Pilgrim in your mind. Music to watch sunsets by.

  Sugar Paper Heart by Doug Alldred & The Silver Lining

Sugar Paper Heart cover art


“Sugar Paper Heart” runs at a middling pace and is not bereft of repetition yet it remains the kind of song that sneaks up on you whilst you are stuck at the traffic lights of life. Doug Alldred & The Silver Lining duly cross that road.

Review date:  August 22 2020

  Paper Plain by Jenny Banai

Paper Plain cover art


Walking that tightrope between mainstream and offbeat, Jenny Banai maintains the balance of her song “Paper Plain” with loops and lyrical sensitivity. Any accusations that there is more here than meets the ears are well founded.

Review date:  August 22 2020

  The Rift by Chappaqua Wrestling

The Rift cover art


As is to provide the soundtrack to some woozy movie about life in slow lane, Chappaqua Wrestling strafe their song “The Rift” with maximum riffage and emotional intensity. Not one that will be heard in a shopping mall, methinks,

  I Don’t Want To Come Back To You by Peter Cat

I Don’t Want To Come Back To You cover art


Proving that music doesn’t have to be trivial are Peter Cat with their song “I Don’t Want To Come Back To You” resonating with melancholy and arthouse style. The result may be deeper and darker than most but this is a song that stands tall.

  Unfolded by Holly Tomás

Unfolded cover art


I feel a sigh coming on. Holly Tomás has a mastery – or is it mistressy? – of the ethereal that turns her songs into weapons of mass hypnotism designed to capture the hearts of those of us cursed with romanticism and misty morning melancholy.

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