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  Heat Thru Your Body by Rory K

Heat Thru Your Body cover art


Keeping it simple sometimes works. Rory K takes that approach with “Heat Thru Your Body” using repetition, loops and street talk to fill its sub three minute timeslot. Fortunately, he has also added enough sunshine to make you smile.

Review date:  May 17 2020

  Rock Music by Lil White Bitch

Rock Music cover art


Can a song be brutal yet endearing? It can if Lil White Bitch are behind it. Looped into an old school electro groove, “Rock Music” has more attitude and sheer angularity than a song of these antiseptic times should have. Put the needle in the - cough - groove!

  Frei by Schwarzschild

Frei cover art


Rigidly insistent, “Frei” shows that the power of the synthesiser should not be underestimated especially when combined with the dressed in black Schwarzschild floor stomping attitude. This song will assimilate you into their ways.

  Throwaway by Lazy Queen

Throwaway cover art


“Throwaway” concentrates all the Lazy Queen energy into three and a bit minutes of raucous musical intent. Subtle it isn’t, so best played loud. In fact, best played very loud indeed. It’s that kind of song.

  Pocketful of Rainbows by Jailhouse Jock

Pocketful of Rainbows cover art


I've got ears everywhere so I hear everything including this version of "Pocketful of Rainbows" by Jailhouse Jock. Balancing laconic minimalism with the Elvis forever in glitter vibe gives the song a quirky charm.

  Aros Am Byth by YNYS

Aros Am Byth cover art


Some songs just sound big and this was indeed true of “Aros Am Byth” by YNYS with insistent synthesisers and impassioned vocals sweeping the song along on a journey through retro land on the way to nirvana. Vast!

Review date:  May 15 2020

  It Could Be Like This by Bobo & The Demeraras

It Could Be Like This cover art


I almost wrote off “It Could Be Like This” as another ska flavoured song for the upcoming summer season but Bobo & The Demeraras instead demonstrate unexpectedly sordid intent in this cautionary tale of late night misadventures.

  Karma by Soë Blue

Karma cover art


White boy – or girl – soul is a popular musical style these days and Soë Blue steps onfidently on to the telling it like it is stage with her song "Karma". Her voice easily hits the mark and the arrangement is big enough to encourage commercial success.

  There’s Nothing In It by Lazerine

There’s Nothing In It cover art


Kind of intriguing this one. “There’s Nothing In It” is looped to the max yet still manages to generate enough in the way of motivational power to make you hit the repeat button. An unassuming song perhaps but Lazerine make it work.

  Les Bijoux by Double Françoise

Les Bijoux cover art


Super cool female vocals and hard edged guitars are merged into a supersonic musical confection by Double Françoise. “Les Bijoux” is the kind of song that could only be the product of France and, indeed, Double Françoise are French. Très bon!

  If A Tree Falls in the Forest by Ellen Siberian Tiger

If A Tree Falls in the Forest cover art


Right from the synth rumbling start, you just know that “If A Tree Falls in the Forest” is going to be a song of meaning with Ellen Siberian Tiger adding in some rock riffs, diffident female vocals and a poetic sense of purpose to make it all work.

  I Am Art by Mïrändä

I Am Art cover art


Synth pop did always attract those with style and, if you are one of those people, “I Am Art” will certainly attract you to Mïrändä. Looped to the beat and yet still finding enough space to swoop, she is a brand to follow.

Review date:  May 1 2020

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