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  Heebiejeebies by Abi Muir

Heebiejeebies cover art


Just the thing to make the soundtrack to a sunset special, “Heebiejeebies” is all wistful and dreamy with Abi Muir weaving in enough simple innocence to make this minor key song seem deeper than might be expected from one so young.

Review date:  January 5, 2020

  Six Nights Alone by Sofia Talvik

Six Nights Alone cover art


These days country music isn’t the truth that it used to be, but we can always rely on Sofia Talvik to keep fighting the good fight against the mediocrity of the Nashville music monster. “Six Nights Alone” is sentimental reality in song and Ms. Talvik duly makes it special.

Review date:  January 5, 2020

  At Sunrise by Secret Treehouse

At Sunrise cover art


More insistent adoration of the golden days of synth pop from Secret Treehouse with their song “At Sunrise” successfully mixing the electronic rigidity of the sequencer with endearing female vocals and duly rendering the end result pleasing to the ear.

  Spoiler Alert by Hook

Spoiler Alert cover art


Curiously restrained for an indie rock band, Hook seem to be drawing more from the more cerebral days of seventies rock for the inspiration that drives their song “Spoiler Alert” ahead. Clever lyrics and a laidback guitar solo complete the package.

Review date:  January 5, 2020

  Every Little Thing by Amy Swift

Every Little Thing cover art


Yes, you can indeed hear class. Amy Swift has class and, with old school stylings keeping her song “Every Little Thing” on course, I would follow the song and her all the way to the bridge. Smooth is where it is at and she is already there.

Review date:  January 5, 2020

  Whistle While You Work by Rletto

Whistle While You Work cover art


Whilst distinctly minimalist in his presentation, Rletto nonetheless manages to squeeze in enough night club subversion to make “Whistle While You Work” worthy of a second listen if only to verify that the lyrics are in no way metaphorical.

Review date:  January 5, 2020

  Like It Or Not by Ksenia

Like It Or Not cover art

On the radio

Ksenia keeps it tidy with her song “Like It Or Not. Neither a note nor a rhyme is wasted in this cleverly cut and paste song that clearly asserts the dichotomy inherent in individuality and commercial success in the modern music business.

Review date:  December 29, 2019

  Spread The Love by Dee Lunar

Spread The Love cover art


There is something about Dee Lunar that I find oddly appealing. She takes fashionable retro influences and throws them into a cauldron already full of irreverence to make a song like “Spread The Love” and gets away with it. Untidy maybe but tasty nonetheless.

Review date:  December 29, 2019

  Get Go by Chrissy & The Get Gos

Get Go cover art


Chrissy & The Get Gos get their engine warmed up with “Get Go”. It’s a commercial song that throws in passionate female vocals and the expected rock riffs then, of all things, interjects some reggae rhythms just to make sure your ears don’t get bored. Works for me.

Review date:  December 29, 2019

  Goldress by Yellowstraps

Goldress cover art


Looped to the limit and casually paced, “Goldress” is as fine an example of the state of r&b music in this day and age as you will find. I would imagine that many BMW drivers will find themselves adding this one to their late night chillout playlist.

Review date:  December 29, 2019

  Finally by Eileen Carey

Finally cover art


“Finally” is as conventional as a song can get with Eileen Carey playing it straight all the way down to the three minute line. In the background, synths vie for domination with rock guitars and a pedal steel but it is her voice that wins.

Review date:  December 29, 2019

  Set Me Up Boys by Teeniest

Set Me Up Boys cover art


If a song could ever be described as laconic then it would be this one with Teeniest – a duo from New York – topping up “Set Me Up Boys” with enough Americana to win the broken heart of any barfly whether north or south of the Mason-Dixon line

Review date:  December 15, 2019

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