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  Radiant Star by Sofia Härdig

Radiant Star cover art


Distinctly insistent, “Radiant Star” gives Sofia Härdig another opportunity to stamp her purposeful presence upon a song. Whilst almost post rock in her musical stance, Ms. Härdig throws enough in the way of quirkiness to turn the song into a medium sized steamroller.

Review date:  October 26, 2019

  I Love The World by Hook

I Love The World cover art


Keeping it simple works well for Dublin band Hook and the straightforward sentimentality of their song “I Love The World Because You’re In It” passes the time in a pleasantly direct way. Sometimes that is all that you need.

Review date:  October 26, 2019

  Tiny Love by Apache Rose

Tiny Love cover art


A Russian band, it would seem, yet Apache Rose sound more like muscular Americans with their purposeful song “Tiny Love” strutting confidently in the best rock music tradition. Play loud and add beer for best enjoyment.

Review date:  October 25, 2019

  The Lonely Ones by Paul Andrew Sneddon

The Lonely Ones cover art


Paul Andrew Sneddon keeps it homespun and rough edged through the two minutes or so that “The Lonely Ones” takes to capture your attention. The energy might well exceed the production values but he can undoubtedly take it to the bridge.

Review date:  October 25, 2019

  Hungry To Kill by Violetta Zironi

Hungry To Kill cover art


Sounding like she has dropped right out of the heyday of expansive pop songs comes easily to Violetta Zironi and “Hungry To Kill” duly qualifies as quality ear candy. The lyrics suggests darker intent but the sugar coating makes this song very easy to consume.

  Lay Down by HATT

Lay Down cover art


Sometimes you hear a song that sounds like it was designed for the dancefloor of the kind of club that only the best of the rest could attend and, with locked to loop sequencing and a splash of charm, HATT duly give us “Lay Down”. Snarky!

Review date:  October 25, 2019

  Born Again by Hope Waidley

Born Again cover art


A curiously bleak song for someone so young, “Born Again” would persuade many that Hope Waidley is some sort of modern day gospel singer although the song avoids minor key misery by successfully infusing a fair measure of hope.

Review date:  October 25, 2019

  Underneath Your Hands by Marika Wittmar

Underneath Your Hands cover art


Something mystical this way comes and, in these synthetic times, that makes “Underneath Your Hands” by Marika Wittmar a welcome change indeed. The song weaves and wanders but never leaves you behind.

Review date:  October 20, 2019

  Me by Kitten

Me cover art


Kitten know how to mix retro with raucous and duly provide their song “Me” with the propulsive power to transcend the three minute attention span boundary. The confident female vocals will sell this song even to your maiden aunt.

Review date:  October 19, 2019

  Time by Simen Lyngroth

Time cover art


Light as a cloud with enough jingle jangle guitars and folk pop stylisations to keep the aficionados happy, “Time” effectively advertises the fact that Simen Lyngroth has no fear of keeping things natural. Take it to the bridge!

Review date:  October 19, 2019

  Slip by Strandels

Slip cover art


We should all be thankful that the world still spins round powered by love with this wistful confection of heart fuel by Strandels adding fire to their boiler full of love canciones. “Slip” is a song to make you sigh.

Review date:  October 19, 2019

  Gasoline by We Three Kings

Gasoline cover art


Robust and to the beer drinking point sort of sums up “Gasoline” by We Three Kings with the band being unafraid of leaving some space between their four on the floor groove and their best three power chords. Play loud!

Review date:  October 19, 2019

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