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  Dip by Tiña

Dip cover art


Offbeat is the way to go for Tiña with “Dip” splicing in the kind of lost in space vibe that one might expect of Dope Lemon but enhanced with a rather more paranoid outlook on life. It’s London style but not as we know it.

Review date:  March 13, 2020

  Hide Your Bodies by Yorxe

Hide Your Bodies cover art


Yorxe does the hide in plain sight thing with her song “Hide Your Bodies” sounding like just another song in the modern urban pop style yet featuring rather more lyrical impact than you might expect. One to follow, perhaps?

Review date:  March 13, 2020

  R U In It? by Mark Fredson

R U In It? cover art


I’m not entirely sure if this song is meant to be ironic but Mark Fredson’s, low budget take on old school dramatic pop actually works out rather well with “R U In It?” managing to be more than the sum of its parts.

Review date:  March 13, 2020

  Not UR Girl by Kendal Thompson

Not UR Girl cover art


Keeping her finger on the pulse of modern musical trends is Kendal Thompson with the message of empowerment in “Not Ur Girl” following the form of genre expectations whilst still suggesting that her conformity was merely a stylistic choice.

Review date:  March 13, 2020

  Nuit by Leanna

Nuit cover art


Almost tailor made for the cognoscenti, Leanna throws everything from French pop to jazzy interludes into her song “Nuit” with the result proving curiously invigorating to my tired ears and, perhaps unsurprisingly, making me hunger for more.

Review date:  March 9, 2020

  River by Haneke Twins

River cover art


I doubt that many will regard “River” by Haneke Twins as a trivial song. There is too much in the way of repeated rhythms, anguished riffs and introspective lyrics for that yet, despite all those grey clouds, this song grows on you.

Review date:  March 9, 2020

  Yr Old Dad by Catholic Action

Yr Old Dad cover art


Catholic Action take their song “Yr Old Dad” for a walk along the literate path stopping only to pick some Kinks coloured flowers from the trippy gardens at the side of the road. Make it so - as Jean Luc Picard might say – and duly they did.

  Something New by Club Beirut

Something New cover art


Pleasingly poppy in their approach, Club Beirut keep it upbeat for their three minutes with their song “Something New” being rather more optimistic than you might expect of a Scottish band borne of these grey days. I feel a smile coming on.

Review date:  March 8, 2020

  Saskia by Life Model

Saskia cover art


I feel a sigh coming on for, with wistful intent, Life Model make you believe in the value of compromise with enough in the way of fuzzy guitars and sugar coating added to make their song “Saskia” very palatable to the ears.

Review date:  March 8, 2020

  Less Jools More Top of the Pops by Slime City

Less Jools More Top of the Pops cover art


OK, just think of the kind of brash and untidy song that would make your Gran wonder about the future of the human race and your addled brain might well come up with something like “Less Jools More Top of the Pops”. Slime City did just that. Bang!

Review date:  March 8, 2020

  Love Bites by Blush Club

Love Bites cover art


Pleasingly poppy in a Postcard Records kind of way, “Love Bites” gives Blush Club the opportunity to show the world that Scottish bands still have what it takes when it comes to mixing melody with arthouse quirkiness.

Review date:  March 1, 2020

  Lessons To Learn by Janet May

Lessons To Learn cover art


Don’t know how long this song has been about but, no matter, for this is one that should be in everyone’s ears. “Lessons To Learn” has a message full of fractured insecurities yet Janet May has made it akin to an anthem for today.

Review date:  March 1, 2020

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