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  Red Liquorice by Hercules Mandarin

Red Liquorice cover art


Hercules Mandarin return after a four year break with “Red Liquorice”. It’s a welcome return too with the song stretching itself into your ears courtesy of a big chorus and guitar irony. Is this a part of something bigger? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Review date:  September 27 2020

  Fairway Drive by Rachel Norman

Fairway Drive cover art


I like a good commercial song and “Fairway Drive” is just that with enough in the way of golden age of rock influences to take you all the way to the bridge in three minutes. Rachel Norman leads the way with confidence.

Review date:  September 27 2020

  In Every Mountain by Yves Jarvis

In Every Mountain cover art


“In Every Mountain” drifts through your mind like some long faded recollection of a time you never actually lived in. Yves Jarvis holds his cusp of Aquarius groove on a steady course as if determined to hypnotise your ears.

Review date:  September 27 2020

  Auf Allen Wegen by Schwarzschild

Auf Allen Wegen cover art


The synthesisers and deep emotional darkness pervade “Auf Allen Wegen” yet there is something pleasingly dramatic about the way Schwarzschild get to the point that duly makes you want to wear sunglasses after midnight.

Review date:  September 27 2020

  Losing My Mind For Nothing by Michael Cooke

Losing My Mind For Nothing cover art


As Michael Cooke is from Glasgow, I suppose it would have been unreasonable to expect a happy song and “Losing My Mind For Nothing” duly rolls the downbeat emotions into a guitar powered indie vibe. Worthy if not shiny.

Review date:  September 27 2020

  Happy Alone by Magazines

Happy Alone cover art


All those fashionable indie rock moves from the past are regenerated and infused by Irish band Magazines into their song “Happy Alone”. The lyrics have a downbeat edge but there is something endearingly wistful about the vocals that encourages repeat plays.

  If Nobody Told You by Kima Otung

If Nobody Told You cover art

On the pulse

Kima Otung has her finger on the pulse of modern day urban music with “If Nobody Told You” ticking all the Spotify playlist style boxes. With that said, she has nonetheless injected enough of her own character into this short song to lift herself above the competition.

Review date:  September 13 2020

  Evil Frank is Dead by You Will Flood The River

Evil Frank is Dead cover art


Directionless grunge can find its way across any room and You Will Flood The River duly use strangled guitars, psyched out vocals and general untidiness to shine the light of yesterday on their lo-fi musical message. I smell the smoke.

  Dollar Dreams by Mise En Scene

Dollar Dreams cover art


Downbeat and laden with guitar grunge, Mise En Scene nonetheless lay down a solid four on the floor track in “Dollar Dreams”. It’s a heart on the sleeve song that ticks all the late night listening in the car boxes. Hear and believe.

Review date:  September 11 2020

  Fire and Flame by Sabina Chantouria

Fire and Flame cover art


“Fire and Flame” runs slowly but surely to its conclusion giving Sabina Chantouria plenty of time to play all the traditional cards that get those who like a bit of emotional drama with their music into their happy place. And it is therefore so.

Review date:  September 11 2020

  Dreamer by Dancer

Dreamer cover art


Oddly compelling, “Dreamer” shows that wistful still has a place in modern day music and that Dancer can scale up beyond their influences to make a song that fits right into your ears. It’s alt-pop but rather good nonetheless.

Review date:  September 11 2020

  Paradigme by La Femme

Paradigme cover art


Some might see “Paradigme” as just an exercise in style but La Femme are from France so such a thing is to be expected. Think Kraftwerk translating their thing into electroswing whilst drinking expensive cocktails. A song for the good life.

Review date:  September 11 2020

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