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  Song of the Week - 7 October 2007 - Aiden

aiden one love cover


One Love

Victory Records VR414-7


There are times when a man (or woman, for it is an equal opportunity world) needs some loud rock music. Even better, you want this music to come from a band that has not sold out yet. You want the fire, the anger and the attitude of a band that still has time on their side. As the song plays, you want to feel that the disaffected youth of the world would align themselves with the song and use it as the signature song for a revolution. All the way from Seattle, Aiden's "One Love" is such a song and Aiden is that kind of band.

Looking at the back cover of the single sleeve - and it is a glorious piece of purple vinyl we have in our hands - the Goth influences are obvious. There is no way that any upstanding citizen would ever invite these guys into their house. Even better, they play like they have the dogs of hell on their tails. "One Love" starts off with hints of the Cure before tearing into a furious chorus ("… one love in her eyes now) as this dark gothic fairytale - and it is a fairytale - unfolds. There is nothing spectacular about the production as this is a good old fashioned stadium filler. This is the song that they play when the place erupts. And then it ends with the briefest of fade outs. It does not hold you ransom with a ten minute guitar solo. It just ends leaving you wanting more.

Take a listen on their Myspace page. Go on, you know you want to!

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Author: Bluesbunny
Date: October 7 2007