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  Featured Song - Pink Carnation by Caragh Nugent

Dearest readers, there are few things that will drive a Bluesbunny Girl to tears. It is true that finding out that the retail fascists don't have those perfect shoes in your size is one of them and hearing a song that touches that cut glass heart of mine is yet another. "Pink Carnation" was such a song. 

caragh nugent

Heartbreaking in its acoustic simplicity, the lyrics would touch any girl's heart. Even though it was some time ago, I fondly remember the time that I first heard this song. There I was with my handsome man and the sweet Caragh was performing live. I swear that the room fell silent when she sang this song. I was not the only one with a tear in my eye either, let me tell you. She sings of the important things of life - of love whether lost or never had. Her voice soars as she reflects on that boy with the pink carnation. She pauses, her voice almost breaking with emotion. Then she slows the tempo right down and you can truly feel her pain as she tells us how she now sits alone in her room. At that moment I looked at my handsome man and I realised how devastated I would be without him. It took this song to make me realise that. "Pink Carnation" is no doubt personal to Caragh - you could not write a song like that if you had not experienced those feelings yourself - but sometimes a song written by someone you don't even know makes you learn something about yourself.

It is with substantial disappointment that I note that this track is not currently available. I suggest therefore that my darling fans take the first opportunity to send an email or message thingy to Ms Nugent and encourage her to release this awesome, tragic tearjerker of a song forthwith.

Author: Bluesbunny Girl
Date: October 17 2007