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  Mystery Man by The Echo Session

Mystery Man cover art


Like a ghost from the past exorcised by a priest who worshipped the jingle jangle of west coast pop rock of the late sixties, “Mystery Man” resonates with reverb, melody and positive vibes thus making The Echo Session a band of today, last summer and tomorrow.

Review date:  November 17, 2019

  Magic Space Man by SoLBLoMMa

Magic Space Man cover art


Steering a course left of centre, SoLBLoMMa juggles old style vocoder interludes, neo jazz stylisations and her own special brand of individuality for the length of her song “Magic Space Man”. Definitely not conventional but I like her style.

Review date:  November 16, 2019

  Peter Pan by Mona Visa

Peter Pan cover art

Scale Up

A song with a bit of scale for a change, “Peter Pan” aims for emotional grandeur and hits the target square on with enough in the way of emotive vocals and guitar solos to guarantee Mona Visa a place on your Spotify playlist.

Review date:  November 16, 2019

  No Fun by Anna Sofia

No Fun cover art


A curiously appealing blend of woozy synthwave and pop sensibilities provides the sonic seasoning that makes “No Fun” candy to the ears with Anna Sofia’s bleakly direct lyrics getting to the point whilst staying within the three minute style boundary.

  Know What I Want by Neon Tapehead

Know What I Want cover art


Firmly rooting their sound in the overlap between synth pop and retro electro funk are Neon Tapehead with their song “Know What I Want” affectionately evoking memories of a time when everything was melodic and pleasing to the ear.

Review date:  November 9, 2019

  ETA by What If Elephants

ETA cover art


“ETA” is something of kissing cousin to the big ballads that the were the sound of the world back in the eighties with their combination of wistful female vocals, synth riffs and cascading guitars giving What If Elephants the opportunity to go retro large.

Review date:  November 9, 2019

  Castle Keep by Sasha Bell

Castle Keep cover art

Retro pop

When it comes down to it, we all like a good pop song and that is what “Castle Keep” is. Relaxed and with enough in the way of jangly guitars and knowing winks to the past to keep the retro team on her side, Sasha Bell gets the job done.

Review date:  November 8, 2019

  Lightning Mood by Laurent Bourque

Lightning Mood cover art

Low key

Another purveyor of low key bedsit melancholy, Laurent Bourque stays close to genre expectations but still finds the space to let his song “Lightning Mood” breathe deeply and thus finds the emotions necessary to sigh once more at the frailties of the world.

Review date:  November 8, 2019

  Till The Morning Light by Foxy Mojo

Till The Morning Light cover art

Old school

The past is the new black once more with Foxy Mojo digging out all the dirty guitar love that history has given us and spreading it all over their riff laden song “Till The Morning Light”. That said, add a dash of volume and this song becomes a tasty Friday night snack.

Review date:  November 3, 2019
  Till The Morning Light

  Brothers by Pillow Queens

Brothers cover art


I sense a message of solidarity underneath the eloquent melancholy that provides the motive power for “Brothers”. The Pillow Queens are reliable purveyors of such things so this one won’t disappoint their fans one bit.

Review date:  November 3, 2019

  AI Am In Love by Novaa

AI Am In Love cover art


It takes a notable degree of musical skill to infuse the near robotic precision of a song like “AI Am In Love” with emotional impact and Novaa pulls it off by using her minimalist approach to melody and lyrics to add a definite hypnotic appeal.

Review date:  November 3, 2019

  It’s Never You by St Andrews Fall

It’s Never You cover art


The pounding drums and jagged guitars may suggest another indie rock contender to many but St Andrews Fall clearly like to move things further up the musical ladder and “It’s Never You” has been brought up on a diet of Scottish rock to do just that.

Review date:  November 3, 2019

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