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  Mr. Tomorrow by Kyra Mastro

Mr. Tomorrow cover art


Kyra Mastro puts more effort than most would do into her song “Mr. Tomorrow” with the result evoking comparison with the more literate female singer songwriters of the seventies. Add in a dash of offbeat charm and this one proves appealing to the ears

Review date:  July 21, 2019

  Magnetic Moves by Katie Toupin

Magnetic Moves cover art


As was always the case, polished pop music needs a good song and Katie Toupin gives us just that with “Magnetic Moves” oozing commerciality whilst hiding a deeper message in the sharp edged lyrics. Ears and brains blessed with maturity will appreciate this one.

Review date:  July 21, 2019

  What You Need by Zeke Finn

What You Need cover art


Looping insistently might seem like taking the easy way out but Zeke Finn knows where he is going and he duly takes his song “What You Need” straight down the laptop indie pop with a purpose road to deliver his simple message to you.

Review date:  July 21, 2019

  Nothing (Until Something Else Comes Along) by FUR

Nothing (Until Something Else Comes Along) cover art


The trashy guitars make FUR’s three minute indie pop meets fifties retro song into something rather special with “Nothing (Until Something Else Comes Along)” making you wish that nothing else would come along. Put this one on repeat.

Review date:  July 14, 2019

  Wear Me Out by Lush Puppy

Wear Me Out cover art


“Wear Me Out” is the kind of song that clearly aims to be quirkier than your average urban song and, whilst mercilessly looping itself as such songs do, Lush Puppy throw in enough oddball charm to make your ears prick up and pay attention.

  Lustfire by Kat Koan

Lustfire cover art


Almost self-consciously trendy, Kat Koan draws her inspiration from the robotic rhythms of the dancefloor and thus renders her song “Lustfire” in shades of super cool poetic repetition. I feel a placement in an ad for an electric Jaguar in Kat Koan’s future.

  Indécent Pur-Sang by Josy & Pony

Indécent Pur-Sang cover art


You can’t go far wrong taking a walk on the (loud) reverb side. Josy & Pony duly do so with their song “Indécent Pur-Sang” and, in less than three minutes, convince you that all you need is attitude laden vocals and a vanload of manic riffs. Kaboom!

Review date:  July 10, 2019

  What If by The Switch

What If cover art


“What If” is an endearing slice of indie pop cake with The Switch adding enough jingly guitars and melancholy filled vocals to make the song rather less sugary than the classic take it to the chorus construction might have otherwise suggested.

Review date:  July 9, 2019

  Bigger Than Me by Carrie Scrimgeour

Bigger Than Me cover art


Sounding wholesome comes easily to Carrie Scrimgeour with “Bigger Than Me” maintaining a positive note for all of its three and half minute duration. Add in her ability to scale things up when needed and you have a song that even your gran will like.

Review date:  July 9, 2019

  Awaiting The Storm by Joe Antaine

Awaiting The Storm cover art


I didn’t think that anyone made music that could be described as middle of the road anymore but it would appear that piano man Joe Antaine does and “Awaiting The Storm” has more than enough polish to make him songwriter of choice for the next Steps reunion album.

Review date:  July 9, 2019

  LowLowLow by Sail By Summer

LowLowLow cover art


Lightweight but curiously downbeat for a song released at this time of year, Sail By Summer get all reflective and take their song “LowLowLow” for a walk down the heavily looped trail to the rose tinted days of summers past.

Review date:  July 8, 2019

  Atlas Fugged by Bony Macaroni

Atlas Fugged cover art

Pop Punk

Bony Macaroni spread their retro cheese all over their new song “Atlas Fugged” and then throw on a tasty bit of teen angst to make their musical sandwich complete. Their Weezer worship continues but, hey, you can’t go far wrong with the right historical perspective.

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