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  Let This Remain by Alana Henderson

Let This Remain cover art


Alana Henderson takes a dash of folky mysticism and a pinch of Americana and uses them to season her song “Let This Remain” to perfection. It’s the kind of song that washes over you and leaves you refreshed.

Review date:  November 5, 2017

  No Fangs by The Electric West

No Fangs cover art

Retro fire

Not short of eighties retro charm, Los Angeles band The Electric West max out the mood for their downbeat song “No Fangs”. This may be the sound of the past but this band make it worth revisiting.

Review date:  November 3, 2017

  Elusive Dream by Young Galaxy

Elusive Dream cover art


A low key electro-minimalist song with a late night vibe, “Elusive Dreams” should attract attention for Young Galaxy with the intelligent lyrics as likely to appeal to the cool kids as they would to the arthouse crowd.

Review date:  November 3, 2017

  City of My Mind by Jewelia

City of My Mind cover art


Casually paced but with more than a hint of mysticism underpinning the words, “City of My Mind” is more reflective, and perhaps more ambitious, song than most would attempt yet Jewelia has enough charm and artistic presence to pull it off.

Review date:  November 3, 2017

  Turn Me On by Violet Rose

Turn Me On cover art


“Turn Me On” initially sounds like a time stretched escapee from the dancefloor but closer examination suggests that Violet Rose has a darker soul that complements the urban ennui that drives the song forward.

Review date:  November 3, 2017

  Hotel by Jade The Moon

Hotel cover art


An oddly appealing song with the laidback electropop sound nicely complimenting the lyrical dislocation, “Hotels” demonstrates that Jade The Moon can make even the trivialities of life seem poetic.

Review date:  October 28, 2017

  Machined by Jaunt

Machined cover art


A song to set you on a voyage into melancholy, “Machined” has, nonetheless, more soul and style than you might reasonably expect and that, to my ears at least, marks Jaunt out as a band of maturity.

Review date:  October 28, 2017

  Chance by JonoJosh

Chance cover art

Retro jazz

“Chance” has that late seventies jazz rock feel and the downbeat vocals fit right into that era too. It is undoubtedly a fashionably retro sound but a classy one that should make many new friends for JonoJosh.

Review date:  October 28, 2017

  Easy by Kid Cupid

Easy cover art

On trend

Whilst being a right down the line commercial pop song, “Easy” also shows that Kid Cupid have their finger on the minimalist pulse and that should make this song as suitable for coffee shop fashionistas as it is for the radio.

Review date:  October 28, 2017

  Minotaure by Jess and The Ancient Ones

Minotaure cover art


Jess and The Ancient Ones sound like a band that knows how to have fun and “Minotaure” has a sixties psych rock groove providing sterling support to the dramatic lead vocals thus keeping the song, in today’s terms at least, on the offbeat side of the fence.

Review date:  October 22, 2017

  Feel Alive by Katie Herzig

Feel Alive cover art

Electro cool

Katie Herzig neatly demonstrates her mastery of modern day electro pop with her song “Feel Alive” soaring high above her many competitors. She’s not retro and that’s a very good thing indeed and “Feel Alive” deserves a wider audience than the IPod generation.

Review date:  October 22, 2017

  Three of Swords by Shuckster

Three of Swords cover art


“Three of Swords” is, in the best rock tradition, a song about a girl with enough big guitar riffs thrown into the mix to make Shuckster seem more muscular and modern than most.

Review date:  October 22, 2017

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