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  Christ’s Entry into Govan by Trembling Bells

Christ’s Entry into Govan cover art

Hippy trippy

For many, Trembling Bells will always be the preferred purveyor of hippy trippy folk rock time travelled from better times to today. Their song, “Christ’s Entry into Govan”, rambles accordingly but the appeal of Lavinia Blackwell’s voice remains eternal.

Review date:  January 14, 2018

  Commit by Paulaa

Commit cover art


If modern day urban pop is your thing then joy will be found in “Commit” by Paulaa with the song being the polished to a fine shine so that it can slip straight into your iPhone playlist.

Review date:  January 14, 2018

  You Are My World by Agnese Stengrevics

You Are My World cover art


“You Are My World”, remarkably, arrives courtesy of a Latvian singer called Agnese Stengrevics although this accomplished song is so transatlantic in its electropop influences that even the trained ear would think this song a product of the good old US of A.

Review date:  January 14, 2018

  Hollow by NAIIVI

Hollow cover art


Given the song’s downbeat style, “Hollow” would have been an odd choice for a single anyway and, with NAIIVI giving a somewhat uncertain vocal performance, the opportunity for exposure is duly lost.

Review date:  January 14, 2018

  Hips by Brunettes Shoot Blondes

Hips cover art


“Hips” proves that the pop song is alive and well and Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes making a chart bound move with all the confidence of band who truly deserve to be on the way up. They have my vote anyway.

Review date:  December 23, 2017

  When I Wandered Alone by Trianglecuts

When I Wandered Alone cover art

Synth shadows

“When I Wandered Alone” goes all minimalist before blending everything from loops to vocals into an oppressive reflection on the pioneers of early synth pop. Some might say basic and some might say brooding but Trianglecuts are the night.

  Song by Dante

Song cover art


A confident song with all the best musical influences displayed clearly for all to hear, “Song” should keep Dante well forward in the minds of those who book festivals for the summer season and get them one step closer to a well-deserved corporate sponsorship.

Review date:  December 23, 2017

  Finding Peace of Mind by Kainalu

Finding Peace of Mind cover art


“Finding Peace of Mind” flows like the river at night with its post dancefloor beat exemplifying simplicity whilst also demonstrating that Kainalu has figured out that sometimes less is more. That works for me.

Review date:  December 22, 2017

  Legend of Lumbar by Lydian Collective

Legend of Lumbar cover art


I can’t remember the last time I used the term “jazz funk” without irony yet the Lydian Collective seems to be both jazz funk and ironic with their instrumental song “Legend of Lumbar” having both melody and an intellectual purpose.

Review date:  December 22, 2017

  Identical by Varvara

Identical cover art


You don’t often find melody in an indie rock song these days but Finland’s Varvara use that usually missing link to decorate their song “Identical” to fine effect. Notably smooth vocals keep the mood reflective yet rather uplifting.

Review date:  December 16, 2017

  Christmas Home by Brent Steed

Christmas Home cover art


“Christmas Home” isn’t your standard Christmas song but Brent Steed at least has his heart in the right place even if the message is considerably bleaker than you might expect in this season of joy to the world.

Review date:  December 16, 2017

  Don’t Speak by Helga Arvesten

Don’t Speak cover art


Helga Arvesten manages to avoid sounding quite like anybody else with her angst ridden song “Don’t Speak” and successfully evokes the kind of emotional confusion that many will identify with. Drama is good and there is plenty of it in this song.

Review date:  December 16, 2017

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