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  How Will I Know by Nick Ferrio

How Will I Know cover art


One man and a song should surely be enough or at least that is what Nick Ferrio asks within the walls of his song “How Will I Know”. It’s a question many might also ask but at least our Nick has something of an answer with this pop rock pick.

Review date:  September 15, 2018

  Spray by Candy Ambulance

Spray cover art


As haunted by the ghosts of pop punk past as they are, Candy Ambulance nevertheless keep their song “Spray” on the rough-edged right side of the tracks for all of its two minute duration. The guitar, as is so often the case, says all there is to say.

Review date:  September 15, 2018

  Pink California by Eden Warsaw

Pink California cover art


Happy songs are not in vogue these days so “Pink California” by Eden Warsaw ticks the necessary downbeat style boxes whilst adding enough electro rock influences to make all that brooding melancholy seem worthwhile.

Review date:  September 15, 2018

  Sweaty Lake by Active Bird Community

Sweaty Lake cover art


Active Bird Community mix the raucous with downbeat successfully with their song “Sweaty Lake” with the result making the concept of mature indie rock more of a reality than any press hype could ever hope to do.

Review date:  September 15, 2018

  You Said by LEW

You Said cover art


Giving us another downbeat slice of Scandi electro pop is Danish singer LEW with her song “You Said” ticking all the style boxes that have to be ticked in these postmodern days. Nonetheless, this is a song more effective than most.

Review date:  September 8, 2018

  Lions by At Pavillon

Lions cover art


“Lions” is a suitably robust song from Austrian band At Pavillon that highlights that there are still bands out there that can add some retro love to the indie rock sound without actually taking the whole thing further into parody.

Review date:  September 8, 2018

  Getaway by Roosevelt

Getaway cover art


The rerun of the analogue synth sound as a musical staple continues apace with Roosevelt adding his particular brand of melancholy to “Getaway” but with enough emotions present to compensate for the closed looping that drives the song.

Review date:  September 8, 2018

  Last Night by GRAACE

Last Night cover art


Pretty much defining what is expected of a pop song in these forever cloudy days, GRAACE reaches for the heartstrings and plucks them all the way through her song “Last Night”. Some might say that this is a sign of our times and they would be right.

Review date:  September 8, 2018

  Hung Up Alone by Copper Viper

Hung Up Alone cover art


The influence of that Americana sound cannot be underestimated and, duly, London’s own Copper Viper break out the fiddle and the sagebrush to give their song “Hung Up Alone” a touch of both technology and rose-tinted glasses.

Review date:  September 8, 2018

  Ether by Annie Goodchild

Ether cover art


With definite appeal for the occupiers of upmarket coffee and cake shops, Annie Goodchild ticks all the trendy boxes with consummate ease whilst leading us on to a promised land far, far away. Classy, without a doubt.

Review date:  August 26, 2018

  Up To You by Swym

Up To You cover art


An offbeat combination of nineties guitar pop, retro synth and indie rock moves, “Up To You” marks Swym out as the kind of guy who can turn influences into ideas. He’s not quite the sound of youthful rebellion but he is, thankfully, walking down his own path.

Review date:  August 26, 2018

  True North by Trade Secrets

True North cover art


A decidedly low-key retake on the retro synth sound, “True North” plays like a long lost friend from a time mascara has not forgotten whilst providing proof that Trade Secrets have a substantial record collection dating from those halcyon days.

Review date:  August 26, 2018

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