Live Reviews

  Beware Criminals, Iain McKinnon and Laura Osborne live at Linen 1906 in Glasgow

After a fine repast at Buongiorno, I headed down towards Linen 1906 in the south side of Glasgow escorted by my handsome beau (or should that be Bo as he is turning into something of a redneck these days with his obsession with big hair, beer and country music). That sweet boy Crawford Smith does the MC thingy there for the Southside Sessions and to my dismay I find that he has ignored my previous advice to get a nice haircut. It would so improve his dashing good looks but a girl can only do so much…

Anyway, our host decides to do the decent thing and warm up the audience with a couple of his own songs. I have to say that he looks so comfortable on stage and he knows how to sing. He has got a new EP out at the end of October and I, for one, shall be looking out for it. The first act tonight is Beware! Criminal. Lead singer Rebecca has a truly appalling top on. Darling, Primark is fashionable and as cheap as chips so get down there girl! She also has one of those sweet, girly voices a bit like that cultural icon and example to the youth of today, Britney Spears. A lovely, serious looking boy accompanies her on guitar. My oh my, he certainly has talented hands. Dear Rebecca looks a touch nervous and it takes her a few songs to get into the swing of things. She comes through in the end though and it is a pity that there were not more people present to appreciate her.

Whilst I wait for the next act, I noticed a raven haired damsel at the bar. She is doing the most obvious flirting that I have seen in a long time. Her hair flicks are so dramatic that they could be an advert for Head & Shoulders. As for wearing a white ensemble on a school night - what is that all about? Fortunately, Iain McKinnon takes to the stage and distracts me before I have to go over and speak to her. Now this man is obviously a gentleman and his polished performance shows some much needed class. Not a bad looking boy either, very easy on the eye. Perhaps it is a confidence thing but he sounds so much louder than Beware! Criminals too. After a couple of songs, he just sweeps you away and by the time he gets to "Steam Train Beauty" I am sold and dispatch my beloved redneck to purchase one his "Kirkland Park" CDs. It seemed like the decent thing to do after his heart fluttering performance.

I notice the attention of my dear Bo has started to wander. An event no doubt related to the arrival of some "personality" girls that are promoting some local cheap drink and loud music club. Despite the chill in the air, these gals have failed to wear very much in the way of warm clothing. With consummate skill, I drag my heel down his shin and terminate his sordid fantasies. The final act of the evening - Laura Osborne - has arrived. Now darlings, beware of this one for she has one big voice. She has power and control too which is the sign of a great singer. She opens with her own composition "Unique" which is indeed a rather good song but then changes tack and launches into a selection of populist covers. Listenable but not really what she is destined to do, I hope. Rubbing my crystal ball, I foresee that she will associate with a group of long haired, slightly unwashed men and form a devastating rock band for she has a voice that will fill a stadium. If you don't believe me then you should listen to her for yourselves.

Anyway, my handsome Bo tells me that it is customary to pick a favourite from the night's performers when doing one of these review things. Well, it is a man's world after all so it would have to be the very polished Iain McKinnon. Now, if dear Crawford had got that haircut then it might have been a different result.

Review Date: October 4 2007