Live Reviews

  Steph Black, Redmond and the Viragoes live at Liquid Ship in Glasgow

It's time for a full scale Bluesbunny assault on the Free Candy Sessions at the Liquid Ship in Glasgow. The word on the grapevine is that it might well be a special night. Reporting for review duty tonight were Bluesbunny Girl, Angry Bluesbunny, Big Peter and Handsome Bluesbunny. Feeling the reviewing love tonight are Steph Black, Redmond and the Viragoes.

First up is Steph Black. He does that sitting down thing that singer songwriters seem to do in Glasgow. The Liquid Ship conveniently has a pillar in just the right place to provide additional camouflage. It cannot, however, hide the virtuosity of our Mr Black. He throws all sorts of classical and flamenco stylings into the mix - all the more remarkable as he claims never to have been to Spain and learnt it all from some old LPs obtained from Baillieston Library (memo to brain - find out if there is actually a library in Baillieston). Seemingly concerned with the trivialities of live ("Charity Shop"), he nevertheless manages some dark humour ("I Wasn't Famous"). He plays that guitar with considerable panache and is a thoroughly convincing and entertaining live performer.


Big Peter - "Confident performer"
Bluesbunny Girl - "I think I know him"
Handsome Bluesbunny - "He can play, without a doubt"
Angry Bluesbunny - "There's a guy with funny hair blocking my view"

Next up is another solo performer called Redmond. He, in fact, turns out to be the vocalist from the much missed Dieselbone (remember the classic "Wanky Dancing"?). Now, this is a guy with a truly distinctive voice. One of the classic rock voices if we are not mistaken. His guitar playing betrays a certain nervousness but his voice is a winner. "City Soul" highlights those vocal capabilities, for example. He even manages to get quite poetic about dear old Glasgow with "High Rise Skies". We reckon that he will be happier with a band but whatever happens, this is one singer who should never stop singing. In fact, it should be against the law for him to stop.


Big Peter -"Top rock voice"
Bluesbunny Girl - "He's needs a haircut"
Handsome Bluesbunny - "Bet he goes loud"
Angry Bluesbunny - "What is it with this guy in front of me with the funny hair? I can't see a thing"

Oh, the embarrassment! Next up is the man with the funny hair. Angry Bluesbunny tries to hide under the table. The performer is, in fact, part or all of Julguma. He plays the acoustic guitar but further research fails to provide any more information on him. Something of a mystery man, he seems to have brought along a few friends including Jean Francois who accompanies him on keyboards. In a surreal moment, at point in his set the audience even hold up candles. For his last song, he goes all Midnight Cowboy and launches an attack on Nilsson's "Everybody's Talkin'". Perhaps Julguma are part of some secret trend that the Bluesbunny has missed?


Big Peter - "Is he famous?"
Bluesbunny Girl - "Very plinky plinky"
Handsome Bluesbunny - "Lost with that one"
Angry Bluesbunny - "I must be more discreet, I must be more discreet"

Rounding this off for the evening are the Viragoes. And what a way to end an evening! The ale has indeed been flowing but we get a unanimous verdict from the assembled Bluesbunnies. This is a top quality band. Their songs twist and turn to keep your attention and it does not take long before we are entranced by the vocals of Lee-Ann Carline and Louise King. They hit the ground running with "The Outlaw" on a mission to move your feet. Quality musicianship is there in abundance for this is a band that works well together. With that remarkable musical fluidity and confidence, they soon win over the crowd. In fact, by the time they get to "Escape from Glasgow", the crowd is clapping along with the song. Good things will come to those who know how to work that crowd. We wait impatiently for our next opportunity to hear the Viragoes.


Big Peter - says nothing but has this big grin on his face
Bluesbunny Girl - "She reminds me of Lulu"
Handsome Bluesbunny - "Pure class"
Angry Bluesbunny - "I grudgingly admit that they were quite good"

So there you have it. Tonight, we experienced a particularly fine Free Candy Session. Our favourite act of the night? That is indeed a tough one. By virtue of the sheer buoyancy of their performance, it would have to be the Viragoes but there was not much in it. There was a good turnout as well so better get there early in future or you may miss some of the best live music in Glasgow.

Review Date: September 6 2007