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  Glasgow 07 Launch Night featuring Katie Sutherland, The State Broadcasters and The Black Alley Screens live at ABC2 in Glasgow

I stroll up Sauchiehall Street in THE Scottish city on my own as Handsome Bluesbunny has stood me up. Again! Supposedly he has some other urgent engagement with another woman - that bunny is getting too handsome for his own good.

ABC Glasgow

As I consider important matters like "who is going to go to the bar for me?" and "who is going to watch my bag as I go to the ladies' room?" I overhear a conversation between a punter and the door staff regarding not being allowed to take his bag of crisps into the auditorium. As you would expect of a Glasgow man, there was no way that a packet of McCoy's was getting binned!

Katie Sutherland on stage

Joining the first act of the night, Katie Sutherland, on the stage was a bottle of vino tinto - that's my girl! - Katie skilfully meanders her way through some rather stunning tracks with fantastic, heartfelt lyrics. Every song has a story to tell and Katie tells it well. A Bluesbunny Girl favourite was "The Roses". A talented young woman who remains poised and composed throughout her performance, Katie manages to ooze confidence without being arrogant or showy.

State Broadcasters on stage

I love this next band! The State Broadcasters take to the stage and I have to say this good looking bunch really entertained me. Opening with the fab "Let's make t-shirts" - a song with an amusing tale behind the lyrics - these folks are full of fun and wit, showing a level of intelligence that is thin on the ground these days. The banter between the songs was of the same high standard as the songs themselves. Along with the humour they throw in a bit of social conscience with 'When the War is Over" and "South Pole Stag Night". Additionally the lead singer is a rather handsome fella and you know how Blues Bunny Girl has a penchant for the handsome ones! The State Broadcasters are actually short a couple of band members tonight. This did not, however, stop their sheer brilliance from shining through. If you want an evening filled with fun and entertainment then go and see The State Broadcasters. I don't give away my favours lightly but there is no doubt that this band found favour with me.

"Children, I won't tell you again - turn that volume down!!!!"

Blue Panda crowd

Darlings, the Black Alley Screens are LOUD. These young men are talented individuals and can certainly batter away at their instruments. They are not Bluesbunny Girl's taste in music and I just could not make out any of the lyrics but as they worked their way through their set it was obvious that they were pleasing the crowd. It also appears that if you support The Black Alley Screens then bunnet wearing is compulsory. It was like fashion had never been invented.

Blue Panda's Glasgow 07 launch night went down a treat for Bluesbunny Girl. A well organised event in a suitable venue. As I headed home I wondered if the Blue Lagoon sold McCoy's Flame Grilled Steak crisps.

Review Date: May 13 2007