Live Reviews

  Harris Tweed and Stroszeck live at Barfly in Glasgow

Bluesbunny has a sometimes uneasy relationship with the Barfly. While the bars are nicely situated, and the sound isn't too bad, the upstairs/downstairs sound clash can sometimes get out of hand. Few will know this better than South African alt-folksters Harris Tweed.

Stroszeck began the night with a set of Chomsky-ite electro-pop, which served both as a pleasant surprise and a point of thought. The use of a drum machine - questionable at first - proved a wise move, as it came to suit the bands gloomy, emotive sound especially on "Burning Libraries". Sounding not unlike The Cure, the band drove on through "The Saltire" and the menacing "You've only Got Yourself To Blame" with plenty of energy. Perhaps the band could lend a bit more bite to the guitar, but their sound - not like anything in the charts at present - is nonetheless interesting, and their performance the same.

After some toying with cables, Harris Tweed - singer Cherily and bassist/programmer Darryl - began their set. Using an interesting sound looping program, Cherily's wintery piano, sugary vocals and guitar suddenly engulfed the room. This act would serve as the basis for most of the band's songs. Of course, with technology comes faults. The band handled any technological blips with grace and good humour. "Ode to Confusion" - possibly the best song of the night - was a spiraling piano-led ditty, with Cherily very much the centre of attention. Soon after came "The Taxi Song" once again allowing Cherily to woo the crowd with her soothing vocals. A man could easily enjoy this band as a hangover cure. The band then rounded off a great set with "Better Than This". The few in attendance gave the band a good reception. Harris Tweed are built for success. Just wait.

Despite the ridiculous noise coming from above, both bands performed very well, showing themselves to be keen and enthusiastic and that is just what music needs nowadays.

Review Date: September 26 2007