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  Song of the Week - 30 September 2007 - Liam Ferns

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Liam Ferns


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All the way through the history of popular music there has been the simple love song. Such a song is "Unreliable" by Liam Ferns. With just an acoustic guitar and sheer energy, he blasts his way through 3 minutes and 19 seconds of torment and redemption.

Despite, or perhaps in spite of his failings, our protagonist admits that he is worthy of her love. His less than ideal behaviour may not be his best point but - as we all hope - if he admits to his failures then he will find the path to happiness. It is a story that has been told many times before but Liam Fern's energetic, passionate performance pulls us along with him on his journey to redemption. This girl is his motivation, the only thing to take away the pain in his life - "his paracetamol".

So stuff this one on your iPod. Full of sparky charm, it reminds us of why a simple song can stick in your mind. Times change and innocence has long since left the country but there is no doubt that we have a quality piece of pop music here and like all good songs, it will live much longer than any of us.

Available as a free download from his MySpace page. Go on, you know you want to!

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Author: Bluesbunny
Date: September 30 2007