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  Song of the Week - 21 October - Captain Howdie

Song of the Week - 21 October - Captain Howdie

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It is said that a man can only worship one god. Here at Bluesbunny we worship the perfect song. We wait for that special moment when you hear a piece of music that just sticks in your head with all the determination of a chocolate and whipped cream hangover. "Sinful" by Captain Howdie meets the criteria. It just refuses to leave you.

Perfection and complexity are often assumed to go together. With its simple construction, "Sinful" disproves this. Louise Hendry's wistful vocals carry the melody forward. A simple, fragile love song or a paean to desire? It's a tough one but Ms Hendry makes us care about the outcome either way. We often wonder where such songs come from but no matter as we should all be thankful that they do.

Will it ever be released commercially? We hope so but probably not. Certainly Bluesbunny spent all of 2007 waiting for it to be released (preferably on yellow vinyl with "Presidential Letter" on the B side). Without a doubt, it would have greatly improved the lacklustre summer that we suffered this year. Come to think of it, "Sinful" could be a substitute for summer. In the meantime, it can be downloaded from the band's MySpace page. Listen and believe.

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Author: Bluesbunny
Date: October 21 2007