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Kristen Cothron EP CD Cover
Kristen Cothron
Kristen Cothron EP
No catalogue number
Released: 2011

There are times when you think that the world – or at least the women in this world – should all be photographed in black and white. Black and white is so much classier and Kristen Cothron is most certainly classy. Drawing on a cigarette, as she does on the cover of this EP, she exudes the kind of sultriness that you just don’t get anymore.

Anyway, enough of the shallowness for it is time to disengage the eyes and engage the ears. Pressed on pink mottled vinyl, Ms Cothron‘s EP is nonetheless a subtle thing. “Anthem” even sounds black and white, if that makes sense. Her vocals are somewhat affected – in true diva style – as she sashays through a dark tale of retribution and famous last words before stubbing her cigarette out on Diana Krall with “Dark Side”. Whilst piano driven, and perhaps seeming somewhat jazzy because of this, that song would make for a fine bit of redemption if recorded in country music style.

On the flipside you will find a rather more languorous version of Ms Cothron. It may well be a more conventional, and therefore commercial, song but “Maybe It’s You” induces something remarkably close to a sweat and, as putting on the style is clearly second nature to her, Ms Cothron lets nothing stop her from stealing your heart.

Sound quality was Ok but there was a fair amount of surface noise on the review copy. The mastering facility could not be determined but the pressing appears to have been done by United Record Pressing.



4 carrot rating

Kristen Cothron

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