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  Worn Out by The Pighounds

Worn Out cover art


Muscular enough to escape their influences, German band The Pighounds put enough guitar powered angst into their song “Worn Out” to make their post seventies rock sound seem more of today than yesterday.

Review date:  March 17, 2018

  Road Less Travelled by Atlas Wynd

Road Less Travelled cover art


“Road Less Travelled” by Atlas Wynd is the kind of song that would get banned in the more pious parts of the world as its raucous appeal would undoubtedly cause the youth of today to exceed the speed limit and drink vast quantities of beer.

Review date:  March 17, 2018

  Lonely by Moviestar

Lonely cover art


“Lonely” by Moviestar is an intelligent pop song with a downbeat vibe and that noughties sound as if The Hush Sound had abandoned the piano in favour of the kind of lyrical obliqueness that is notably less empty that it initially seems to be.

Review date:  March 16, 2018

  Congratulations by Said The Whale

Congratulations cover art


Power pop in shades of urban, Said The Whale tick the iPhone integration boxes with their song “Congratulations” and thus guarantee their inclusion on in-car playlists throughout the land. The traffic lights of life will surely turn green to this one.

Review date:  March 16, 2018

  Sweet Old Religion by Pharis & Jason Romero

Sweet Old Religion cover art


Civilised to the point of being positively noble, Pharis & Jason Romero put on their rose-tinted glasses and activate their rather neat harmonies to sell the folk flavoured traditionalism of their song “Sweet Old Religion”. I’ll buy that.

Review date:  March 16, 2018

  April To Death by Flower Face

April To Death cover art


There was a time when youth equated to joy but not today and Flower Face’s “April To Death” makes an effective case for yesterday being so much brighter than today. Throw in some anger and a chunk of synth bleakness and Flower Face shows that her true colour is dark grey.

Review date:  March 16, 2018

  Time Immemorial by The 286

Time Immemorial cover art

Old fashioned

Distinctly old fashioned in feel, “Time Immemorial” by The 286 is also downbeat and slow to get moving but, once the band overwhelms those plaintive lead vocals, the song starts to gain a sense of purpose.

Review date:  March 10, 2018

  Benny is A Heartbreaker by Alex Highton

Benny is A Heartbreaker cover art


A rather downbeat example of the retro synth pop style, “Benny Is A Heartbreaker” nonetheless deserves to escape the shadows and bring Alex Highton some attention. His future is indeed sequenced to the grey beats of the past.

Review date:  March 10, 2018

  Nothing Makes Sense by Odina

Nothing Makes Sense cover art

Low key

Odina has a little girl voice that seems at odds with the introspection that pervades the lyrics of her minimalist song “Nothing Makes Sense” and yet the result is rather more endearing than you might expect.

Review date:  March 10, 2018

  Pearl by Holy Now

Pearl cover art

Indie pop

Holy Now have that unmistakeable indie pop vibe and their song “Pearl” ticks all the expected boxes with wistful vocals, jangled up guitars and enough lyrical depth to earn popularity in student unions throughout the land.

Review date:  March 10, 2018

  Four Letter Words by Reema

Four Letter Words cover art


Folk music normally goes straight by me into the blue yonder but “Four Letter Words” by Reema had the mark of modernism stamped upon it and, with a theme from today driving the song firmly forward, it wasn’t long before this understated gem became something of an intoxicant.

Review date:  March 1, 2018

  Tired of You by Arxx

Tired of You cover art


Rough and ready Riot Grrrl style aplenty from Brighton’s Arxx as their song “Tired of You” revs you up for the traffic lights grand prix and, thanks to an unexpected attack of tempo change at the three-quarter point, stays with you all the way to your destination

Review date:  March 1, 2018

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