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  Take Me Home by Sofia Talvik

Take Me Home cover art


Immersed in introspective sentimentality, Sofia Talvik walks a lonely road with her song “Take Me Home”. It’s not the first time she has taken this musical path but the folk and country accents give the song added emotional resonance.

Review date:  April 23, 2019

  The Mirror by Slye

The Mirror cover art


Possessed of a rambling atmospheric, “The Mirror” shows that Slye can do melancholy and downbeat drama at the same time and it is perhaps no surprise that this song grows on you if you give it the chance.

Review date:  April 19, 2019

  In Motion by Sami Nathan

In Motion cover art


A confident song much in the power ballad tradition, “In Motion” provides a perfect vehicle for the drama inherent in Sami Nathan’s voice. Is it the time for the return of singers who actually sing songs? I do hope so.

Review date:  April 19, 2019

  Meat Week by Broken Baby

Meat Week cover art


“Meat Week” made me go all sentimental about those glory days of pop punk as Broken Baby have gathered together all those power chords and angular attitudes from bygone times and made an angry song for today. Songs with purpose make my day.

Review date:  April 19, 2019

  Gazing by Winona Forever

Gazing cover art


Pleasing summery and upbeat, Winona Forever take their song “Gazing” for a tempo shifting walk on the quirky side of the indie pop street and do so rather successfully. It’s not drama but it is entertainment and that works for me every time.

Review date:  April 19, 2019

  Surface by Caswell

Surface cover art


I can – sort of – remember when pop songs had a purpose that went further than corporate sponsorship. Caswell, to her credit, makes her song “Surface” seem like the kind of stylistic statement that such songs used to be.

Review date:  April 19, 2019

  Fire by Hannah Rosa

Fire cover art


“Fire” won’t scare your maiden aunt yet it is that very mainstream musical appeal that gives “Fire” by Hannah Rosa a direction and that direction will likely get her exposure wherever a soundtrack to the day is needed.

Review date:  April 19, 2019

  Fractions by Sparkling

Fractions cover art


It’s doesn’t seem right to comment upon something as sequenced as “Fractions” – by Denmark’s dark electro purveyors Sparkling – as being perfectly poised yet the balance between bleak arthouse drama and robotic rumblings means the song is nothing less than that.

Review date:  April 14, 2019

  Shame by Runah

Shame cover art


Despite being a song that sounds like a folk song of today, “Shame” shows that Runah has a message for today to bring to our ears rather than simply being a teller of tales told too many times already. The future will be hers if your ears will only listen.

Review date:  April 14, 2019

  Sidelined by Izzie Walsh

Sidelined cover art


Displaying a notable maturity, Izzie Walsh walks the dustbowls of Americana once more with “Sidelined”. This is a roots festival friendly song without a doubt, but she adds enough special sauce to her musical recipe to whet your ears for more.

Review date:  April 14, 2019

  Paris by Whitebeard

Paris cover art


A troubadour with pronounced country influences, Whitebeard crosses the water for his song’s title and sentimental inspiration before name checking his way around the rest of the world. He handles it all like a seasoned pro and that works just fine for my ears.

Review date:  April 14, 2019

  Car Crash Carnivore by HYYTS

Car Crash Carnivore cover art


You don’t expect a Glasgow band to go genre hopping but that is exactly what HYYTS have done and “Car Crash Carnivore” resonates with both urban retro influences and literate lyrical discontent. Blessings are duly bestowed upon them.

Review date:  April 13, 2019

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