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  Unfolded by Holly Tomás

Unfolded cover art


I feel a sigh coming on. Holly Tomás has a mastery – or is it mistressy? – of the ethereal that turns her songs into weapons of mass hypnotism designed to capture the hearts of those of us cursed with romanticism and misty morning melancholy.

  Don't Ask Why by Kraków Loves Adana

Don't Ask Why cover art


Now we are getting somewhere. Bleak and robotic to match the downbeat lyrics, “Don’t Ask Why” demonstrates that Kraków Loves Adana have mastered that post-midnight synthesiser groove. Locked to the loop but in a good way.

  Firewood by Saronde

Firewood cover art


I thought I heard the dancefloor. Well, I did but, with the injection of African rhythms, Saronde turns his song “Firewood” into something most unusual for these times – a song that is positively and infectiously buoyant. Play and play again.

  Lonely Girl by Reyna

Lonely Girl cover art


You don’t have to be happy to smile and, with a twinkle in their collective eyes, Reyna turn their song “Lonely Girl” into something that transcends the song’s shadowy synth pop stylisations to venture forward into your musical memory.

Review date:  August 7 2020

  Runaway by Emi Jeen

Runaway cover art


The mainstream used to be a happy place to be but not today and, with “Runaway”, Emi Jeen duly gives us a soundtrack to accompany the voices lost in the crowd. It’s an empty plastic world we live in and she knows it.

Review date:  August 7 2020

  Parasite by George Barnett

Parasite cover art


Few musicians can keep their finger on the pulse of today in the way that George Barnett can. “Parasite” is locked to the loop and full of retro stylistic influences yet the end result still sounds fresh as tomorrow’s smoked salmon sandwich.

  Pay My Dues by Crooked Weather

Pay My Dues cover art


I am told that there was a time when folk music was a playful thing often infused with more than a modicum of class A quirkiness. “Paid My Dues” by Crooked Weather harks back to those mystical days and duly manages to induce a big smile.

  The Blame by Violent Vickie

The Blame cover art


Squeezed all the way into distortion, “The Blame” rumbles like a synth on a bedroom massacre mission with Violent Vickie herself echoing round inside your head like a witch high on discontent. Shadows are the new truth.

  Better Man by Kandle

Better Man cover art


Few understand bitterness than Kandle and her song “Better Man” lays it on line one more time. Maturity is clear and present in her voice and the elegant arrangement takes it to the bridge just like such a song should. Quality.

  Snake by Slovo

Snake cover art


Agreeably rhythmic, Slovo trip the isolation breakers with their song “Snake”. There is enough in the way of offbeat ideas and urban charm to make the self-reflective lyrics into a door to the reality of the day. Engage the sky!

  Sick by Shatterglass

Sick cover art


At a guess, I’d say that Shatterglass were an American band. “Sick” has all the menacing power chords that a hard rock song of today should have and enough machismo in the vocals to make a man wish for the return of hair rock.

Review date:  July 10 2020

  Lazuli by Sophia Knapp

Lazuli cover art


This one sounds like it has dropped out of rather more trippy times than today with Sophia Knapp infusing “Lazuli” with enough in the way of jingle jangle and wandering lyrics to turn her song into an adventure. The clouds are talking to me.

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