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  Promises Are Lies by The Cavalier Attitude

Promises Are Lies cover art

Birmingham style rock

“Promises Are Lies” is a by the book rock song with a chorus and riffing guitars. The vocals work well but the rest of those involved lack any sort of bounce or indeed originality thus letting the song fall flat on its face under the weight of its own self importance.

  Please (Give Me One Chance) by The Glimps

Please (Give Me One Chance) cover art

French electro funk

Dance floor and radio friendly slice of electro funk that makes you wonder what happened to Jamiroquai. “Please (Give Me One Chance)” grooves mercilessly like an Isley Brothers disco period song and will no doubt be welcomed on both the better big city dance floors and upmarket cruise ships. One listen and you will believe white stilettos are back in fashion.

Review date:  October 7 2012

  Was to Distract by Severin

Was to Distract cover art

Underground electro

Looped up analog synths sounds drag “Was To Distract” from the shadows into a place located somewhere near the basement dance floor. Laconic female vocals add a bit of spirit, or at least a few shooters, into the mix but the end result is somewhat confused as to whether it was an attempt to communicate with your feet or your mind.

Review date:  October 7 2012

  In Every Sea We Drown by The Murder Barn

In Every Sea We Drown cover art

Eclectic and clever

“In Every Sea We Drown” is a clever little song that reminds me of Jason Webley drawing, as it does, on literate Eastern European musical influences with a quality slice of offbeat piano neatly balancing the eloquent female vocals and the positively staccato swaggering of the rest of the band. The wearing of a cardigan may help you better appreciate this song but, nonetheless, this is a good ‘un.

Review date:  October 7 2012

  Open Your Eyes by Senate of Prevail

Open Your Eyes cover art

Rusty Swedish metal

A big on riffs low on lyrics song from Swedish melodic metallers Senate of Prevail, ”Open Your Eyes” sounds a bit familiar and  a bit insanely macho in a retro leather trouser wearing kind of way. The insanely macho bit is good. The lack of originality is not. A solid effort, I suppose, but they have done better.

Review date:  October 7 2012

  Everyone is an Artist by Cubby Preachers

Everyone is an Artist cover art

Turgid minimalists

It’s simple when you think about it. The modern world does not wish to understand so instead you give them something that doesn’t need to be understood. “Everyone is an Artist” – about half the lyrics in the song are there in the title – is about as simple as it gets with a mantra repeated over (and over and over) a tedious wash of unimaginative synthetic sounds.  The Cubby Preachers are a band (?) that should be drowned in their own irony.

Review date:  October 4 2012

  Remnant of a Dying Smile by Seed of Sadness

Remnant of a Dying Smile cover art

Melodic Greek metal

Melodic metal is a timeless thing and this song, “Remnant of a Dying Smile”, by Greek band Seed of Sadness could have come from any time in the last three decades.  As you might expect, this song goes large with massive keyboards swallowing up all before them.  All except for the precisely mannered yet enticing vocals of the delightfully named Stellaria, that is. I could listen to her all night long.

Review date:  October 2 2012

  Probably Normal by Suzi Chunk With Groovy Uncle

Probably Normal cover art

Mysterious Medway Miss

Grooving gently like a hybrid of sixties’ songstresses like Cilla, Susan Maughan and Sandie Shaw, Suzi Chunk walks the walk, talks the talk and sings the song like she is on a Boeing 707 to the London Palladium with "Probably Normal". Nothing wrong with that of course but the question remains – is this retro or is it loungecore?

Review date:  September 29 2012

  Staring at the Sound by The Galileo 7

Staring at the Sound cover art

Psych rock impersonators

Drowning in retro psychosis, The Galileo 7 shake their bells and start impersonating the British take on sixties Californian psych rock like, say, early Pink Floyd. “Staring At The Sound” therefore sounds more familiar than it should and, whilst reverentially done and all that, this has all been done before and no doubt will be again.

Review date:  September 29 2012

  Losing You by Senate of Prevail

Losing You cover art

Melancholy Swedish rockers

“Losing You” is melodic and emotional rock with big riffs just like you used to get in the era of hair bands. Impassioned and confident male vocals add the finishing touch to make this song something of a 100% macho big, brash, guilty pleasure.

Review date:  September 29 2012

  Deadlights by Otiks

Deadlights cover art

Electro indie

Interesting take on indie rock from this Leeds band.  In “Deadlights”, the reliance on guitars and power chords expected of the genre has been superseded by some analogue style synth sounds that add, of all things, drama to the mix. The lead vocals are also more theatrical than you would expect marking this band out as one trying to be themselves rather than somebody else. Otiks are worth watching, methinks.

Review date:  September 29 2012

  Passing Sun by Cara Mitchell

Passing Sun cover art

Young and acoustic

“Passing Sun” is rather sweet with an adorable young female vocal making those simple words all light and fluffy and wistful.  However, Cara Mitchell has stepped right into Amy Macdonald territory with this one and there probably isn’t room for both of them in the cold heart of this nation. I know which one I want to prevail though.

Review date:  September 26 2012

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