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  One Night Stand by Nathalie Raedler

One Night Stand cover art

America bound

Nathalie Raedler marks herself out as an uptown girl with a modern attitude as she shoots down her suitors with “One Night Stand”. Although the song is perhaps more a girl power sing-along than a feminist anthem, our Nathalie nonetheless struts her stuff with both confidence and style. I hope she gets the attention she actually wants.

Review date:  October 6 2013

  You're The One by Ashley Collins

You're The One cover art

Glasgow diva

Now, I will state up front that I regard Ashley Collins as the saviour of the moribund Glasgow music scene and “You’re The One” has done nothing but reinforce that opinion. You have to fight them at their own game and dearest Ashley goes all big ballad emotion to take “You’re The One” all the way to the finishing line. Trust me, she will be the next Michael Bublé (or at least a girlie version of Michael Bublé if you get my drift).

Review date:  October 6 2013

  What Else is There? by Lofi Waves

What Else is There? cover art

Grey men

There are songs that seem to stand on their own and there are songs that need the company of other songs. “What Else Is There?” by LoFi Waves is such a song lost, as it is, in a drifting lonely as a cloud vibe with little more than some deep dark thoughts to propel it through those dirty grey waters in search of some new friends.

Review date:  October 6 2013

  Light Entertainment by Honeymilk

Light Entertainment cover art

Smart swedes

Actually Swedish but curiously late period Britpop in their influences as evidenced by the sharp as a razor lyrics, Honeymilk riff it up relentlessly throughout "Light Entertainment" before throwing in a proper guitar solo to keep you interested. Honeymilk may be a bit low in originality but at least both their heart and their brain are in the right place.

Review date:  October 6 2013

  Nostalgia by No Fxd Abode

Nostalgia cover art

Indie rock royalty

No Fxd Abode once again impress with a fine example of literate sentimentality and “Nostalgia” elevates indie rock to a level that so many other bands in the genre will never ever reach. This band create songs that will one day, if there is any justice in the world, make them blue collar heroes.

Review date:  September 28 2013

  Me Luv You Long Time by Ira Losco

Me Luv You Long Time cover art


“Me Luv U Long Time” is a smarter than average pop song from Malta’s Ira Losco with a lilting two thirds Eurobeat rhythm that suggests that being in the know is better than not. It’s the sort of song that skilfully reassembles a bunch of easily recognisable influences into something new that you can actually sing along with over breakfast.

Review date:  September 28 2013

  Will you Run? by No Egos

Will you Run? cover art

Dundee folk

“Will You Run?” is an energetic and bouncy song that moves Dundee’s No Egos a lot closer to folk rock which may be a surprise to those of you familiar with any of their previous output. Harmony and melody are present and correct with some relentless strumming providing the motive power to shuffle this song towards the radio.

Review date:  September 28 2013

  Blonde Greta by The Great Artiste

Blonde Greta cover art

French shoegazers

Intense and murky throwback to the shimmering light of shoegaze, “Blonde Greta” is nothing if not French in its casual yet stylish use of grind and drone sonics. The Great Artiste loses the words in the process of bending the strings and pounding the beat but it is all about the attitude in the end.

Review date:  September 28 2013

  A Confession by Sabina Chantouria

A Confession cover art

Solid singer songwriter

She’s half Swedish and half Georgian it says here in the press release but there is something altogether more coffee shop New York City about Sabina Chantouria.  Whist never straying far from the middle of the singer songwriter road, “A Confession” is nicely sung with the undertow of emotions bringing an endearingly naturalistic feel to the song.

Review date:  September 21 2013

  We Sink by Chvrches

We Sink cover art

Scottish electro pop

Scotland has never really been known for its electro pop bands – at least not ones that might qualify for a public declaration of  affection – but Chvrches are surely destined to be sweethearts of beard scratching west enders whose most secret desire would likely be a threesome with Depeche Mode and Kylie. “We Sink” is therefore cuter than a guinea pig and deserves no less than commercial success.

Review date:  September 21 2013

  Lucky Dip by Blank Maps

Lucky Dip cover art

Indie pop pop

Throwing no caution to the wind whatsoever, Lucky Dip nonetheless demonstrate that they run a tight and melodic indie pop ship with “Lucky Dip” even if you, the listeners, will not struggle for long to list the bands that they sound exactly like.

Review date:  September 21 2013

  Alone With You by Phebe Starr

Alone With You cover art

Australian electro pop

I am having so much fun this week that “Alone With You” seemed nothing less than the most appropriate song to use as the soundtrack for the weekend. Ms Starr’s moody and yet wistful vocals sit atop that oh so popular nowadays retro synth pop sound to add both the human touch and a touch of quirkiness. Sweet.

Review date:  September 21 2013

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