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  Give Me Arms by The Honey Ants

Give Me Arms cover art

Acoustic Londoners

“Give Me Arms”, by London boy/girl duo The Honey Ants, is so light that it could float upon the waters of life and so cute that it could readily be converted into a teddy bear. That makes the winsome acoustic charm of this song something of an oddity in these overt days.

Review date:  November 4 2013

  Sleep Spindles by Lëura

Sleep Spindles cover art

Ain't no sunshine

A mean and moody take on the cascading indie guitar sound lifts “Sleep Spindles” skywards and Lëura – she is Australian, by the way – emotes like she has absorbed all of the world’s post punk angst. If you like to look deep down inside then this song will work for you.

Review date:  November 3 2013

  Black Dogs by Vivid Dreamscapes

Black Dogs cover art

Dull blade

Vivid Dreamscapes have included all the usual stuff that you would expect of white boy hip hop in this song.  “Black Dogs Interlude” therefore has a soundbite or two to decorate the looped ambience, a metronomic monotonic Eminem style rap and - as you might have surmised by now - not a lot of originality.

Review date:  November 3 2013

  Bastards and Born Again by Static Brains

Bastards and Born Again cover art

Finnish rockers

It would appear that Static Brains are a young hard rock band from Finland although their youth is not apparent in the beer drinking rifftastic roughness that propels “Bastards and Born Again” along like a runaway train. An honest band that knows how to keep out the cold methinks.

Review date:  October 26 2013

  Chwyldro by Gwenno

Chwyldro cover art

Welsh hypnotist

“Chwyldro” is another hypnotic release from Gwenno as she takes the Welsh language and makes it all fluffy over the foundation of a solidly sequenced hybrid of urban alienation and low end dance floors. That said, the song does makes more sense on headphones than reverberating around the room suggesting intimacy was the aim rather than post midnight domination and if Gwenno were French rather than Welsh then she would surely be one of their national treasures by now

Review date:  October 26 2013

  Dance, Dance, Dance by Christian & The 2120's

Dance, Dance, Dance cover art


Too contrived, repetitive and plastic to actually convince, “Dance, Dance, Dance” goes nowhere fast for Christian & The 2120's which is a bit of a disappointment really but, then again, I suppose it is unreasonable to expect every band from Sweden to be good

Review date:  October 26 2013

  Fake It All by Satellite Empire

Fake It All cover art

Indie miss

Despite the sterling vocal efforts of Liv Armon, she fails to inject life into “Fake It All” making the song just another slice of uninspired, and unskilled, indie rock cake. You’ve heard it all before and no doubt you will hear it all again so, basically, the Ms Armon needs a new band who have some imagination and she might get somewhere.

Review date:  October 26 2013

  Outta Here by New Renegades

Outta Here cover art

Dutch rock

I like this one. “Outta Here” is a solid old style rock song with Ruben Seyferth doing the Steve Perry style vocals in a resoundingly convincing manner while the rest of the band demonstrate their musical skills by providing both rhythm and melody. New Renegades – they’re from Amsterdam by the way – are a Friday night beer drinking band and that’s a fact.

Review date:  October 20 2013

  What would Joey Ramone Do? by The Creeping Ivies

What would Joey Ramone Do? cover art

Glasgow garage

It’s a primitive thing without a doubt as Scotland’s The Creeping Ivies go sub three minute CBGB punk in the cosy suburban surrounds of their own garage with an actual girl overpowering the distortion with her voice. “What would Joey Ramone Do?” poses a valid question and the answer is that he would buy the damn single. Nuff said.

Review date:  October 19 2013

  Ready Set Go by The Vinyl Records

Ready Set Go cover art

Indian post punk

OK so this one appeared out of nowhere but it is hard to deny the rather ironic appeal of this all girl post punk band from India. The song – “Ready Set Go” – is minimum chords and maximum attitude but that surely is the point and you can actually sing along with it. Now that’s a very good thing indeed.

  Tokyo Daisuki by Das Fluff

Tokyo Daisuki cover art

Garage electro

It’s electro retro time again as Das Fluff take to the basement for a rough and ready take on the dance floor mayhem of post death disco New York and excessive mascara. I feel a strobe light coming on and the cat is wearing a hat for “Tokyo Daisuki“ is warp factor 6 Mr Sulu and set course for the nearest black hole.

Review date:  October 19 2013

  Translucent by Lu Flur

Translucent cover art

South African ambience

Oddly atmospheric escapees from the arthouse, Lu Flur concoct a recipe made of female vocals, indignation and an electro acoustic harp and call it “Translucent”. Why not I say for this a deep dive through the light into the dark. Obsession has a new home.

Review date:  October 19 2013

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