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  Les Mers Du Nord b/w Quitter La Ville by Thee Verduns

Les Mers Du Nord b/w Quitter La Ville cover art

Title: Les Mers Du Nord b/w Quitter La Ville
Catalogue Number: Off Label records
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2013

On to matters Gallic as Off Label Records reminds us once again, via the holy medium of vinyl, of Thee Verduns. Mr and Mrs Verdun along with their adopted son Gabriel Sullivan, spin up a bleak, and minimalist, left of centre take on the Brecht meets Waits sound and apply it to a song that seems to draw its inspiration more from the calmer waters of the Channel than “Les Mers Du Nord”. Nonetheless there is something appealing about the listing to port melody, Gauloises seasoned vocals and the fragile female harmonies.

“Quitter La Ville” – the song on the flipside - is again something of a meandering tune but, this time, its spacious yet minimalist construction suggests cafê society and a theatrical direction than any reference to what once was.
Review Date: August 25 2013