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  Paula Knight and Let's Play God live at Rockers in Glasgow

Bluesbunny was glad to once again get the chance to see Paula Knight. However, the night didn't exactly go to plan for anyone…

After much waiting, news broke to me that The Valkrays had been turned away for failing to bring enough followers. This left us with Let's Play God. A wave of breakneck riffs and catty growls announced their arrival. The lead singer - looking very much like Jesus - tossed his hair merrily, perhaps trying to hide his disgust at the fact that five people were watching him. It was hard not to see that his tongue was lodged firm in his cheek.

The savagery went on, with the occasional bluesy lick slowing things down. "My Desire" couldn't help but evoke thoughts of Pantera. Though a solid performance, it has to be said that the absence of a crowd didn't work in their favour. One to look out for in the metal community however.

Though she too was kept waiting, Paula Knight finally got on stage around 10:30pm. Not at all playing like a band with no audience, the band's almost tribal opener led into the wah-laden "Seven Skies". The funky "Mr Brokenhearted" was a marked tempo change, but the slow-burning rock allowed Paula's voice to come to prominence. "I Can't Sleep Tonight" proved to be very accessible, though the ending could have been better. The band continued their blues-rock attack, ending on the furious "Lady of Rage". An obvious closing song, the band reached their intense best with that one.

Both bands undoubtedly suffered from the shambolic organisation - Paula Knight never even got the chance to sound check - but with that considered, it was a promising showcase for two very different acts. It's just a shame no one was there to see it.

Review Date: September 13 2007