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  The Floor Is Lava by Amanda Tenfjord

The Floor Is Lava cover art


Endearing electropoppiness from Norway’s Amanda Tenfjord with “The Floor Is Lava” adding in enough indie pop cuteness and youthful lyricism to make her song seem both poetic and completely uncontrived. That’s sweet enough for me.

Review date:  March 29, 2019

  Banjo Mac by Ohnova

Banjo Mac cover art


Ticking off all the indie rock (north of the border) style boxes are Glasgow’s Ohnova and their song “Banjo Mac” duly cranks up the guitars and eschews virtuosity in favour of visceral impact and humour. Sometimes sweaty is good though so play loud.

Review date:  March 29, 2019

  Church by Aly & AJ

Church cover art


“Church” reeks of class with Aly & AJ adding their uptown style and harmonies to the electro pop beats thus giving the song both airplay and Mommy rocket appeal. Upmarket is where it should be at and this song is there already.

Review date:  March 29, 2019

  Flashback by Fujiya & Miyagi

Flashback cover art


A band that has been around for as long as Fujiya & Miyagi have will have learned a thing or two about keeping a song on track and it is no surprise that the sequenced electro beats and ironic vocal stylings that decorate “Flashback” do just that. To the toy box!

Review date:  March 22, 2019

  Inside Out by Kliodna

Inside Out cover art


Symphonic metal has always been a source of great amusement to me and this melodramatic and thoroughly stylised song by Belarus band Kliodna does not disappoint with the splendidly theatrical female vocals and cascading guitars allowing "Inside Out" to tick all the right genre boxes.

Review date:  March 22, 2019

  Same Things Twice by Idlewild

Same Things Twice cover art


Not being an Idlewild fan, I didn’t think that I would like their song “Same Things Twice” but they have taken a rather more robust and direct approach with this one even if the underlying riffs seem cheekily familiar. Nonetheless, festival goers will be very happy with this one.

Review date:  March 22, 2019

  Helium Horses by Clara Sanabras

Helium Horses cover art


A mistress of mellow fruitfulness, Clare Sanabras takes the classy route to your ears with her song “Helium Horses” and will no doubt impress those of you with uptown sensibilities and mature taste in music. A grower, methinks.

Review date:  March 22, 2019

  Sad For No Reason by Imperial Jade

Sad For No Reason cover art


You can’t go wrong with a bit of the old blues rock and, duly, Spanish band Imperial Jade stay on the right track with their robust song “Sad For No Reason”. One to add to the soundtrack for your beer fuelled, blue collar Friday night. Works for me!

Review date:  March 22, 2019

  Oh Boy by Velvet & Stone

Oh Boy cover art


Striking a balance between the past and the present is no easy musical task so credit is due to folk band Velvet & Stone for neatly balancing the fiddles and feelings of the past with the solid rhythms that the festival audience of today demand. “Oh Boy” enchants!

Review date:  March 18, 2019

  Heaving by Kota

Heaving cover art


It might not be clever or catchy but “Heaving” by Melbourne rock trio KOTA has the powerhouse riffs and basic honesty to encourage inadvisable beer consumption and cause the older generation to time travel their heads back to the weightier days of the seventies.

Review date:  March 17, 2019

  Green Eyed Moron by Vilma Flood

Green Eyed Moron cover art


I like it when a song doesn’t quite fit into any of the modern day expectations and “Green Eyed Moron” duly avoids pigeonholing with the blues guitar and Vilma Flood’s bad girl attitude taking us on a walk down the wrong side of the road to quirky town.

Review date:  March 17, 2019

  Under A Spell by Ryan Valentine

Under A Spell cover art


Ryan Valentine’s confident voice provides much of the sonic appeal of his song “Under A Spell” and lends it more than enough gravitas to guarantee what used to be called radio airplay. A song with commercial appeal, undoubtedly.

Review date:  March 17, 2019

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