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  Gunshot by Claire Ridgely

Gunshot cover art


Pleasingly commercial, “Gunshot” is a fine example of the modern day pop song and it might well give Claire Ridgely the exposure she deserves. Sharp lyrics and rhythmic presentation put the song right into your memory.

Review date:  September 3, 2019

  Within You by Alice Zawadzki

Within You cover art


Can’t say that I have any familiarity with the previous works of Alice Zawadski but “Within You” has, at the very least, made me curious. The song hits the seven minute mark yet the intelligent mix of elegance and poetic abstraction make the time just flow by.

Review date:  September 3, 2019

  Lava by Inbetween Movies

Lava cover art


Treading the electro retro path are Inbetween Movies and their song “Lava” duly evokes memories of days gone by. Wistful female vocals and old school analogue synth pretensions highlight the melancholy of past glories.

Review date:  September 3, 2019

  Fine by Orbo

Fine cover art


Throwing in enough Americana influences to tick the summer style boxes is Orbo with his song “Fine” nonetheless being the product of maturity and purpose rather than simply being just another advert for future roots festival bookings.

Review date:  September 3, 2019

  The Maiden’s Vow by Holly Tomás

The Maiden’s Vow cover art


Putting traditional words to new music isn’t an uncommon occurrence but when such a thing is done with heart and soul, the results can be captivating and so it proved to be in the case of “The Maiden’s Vow” by Holly Tomás. Really rather beautiful.

Review date:  August 20, 2019

  Sunny Days by Katherine Aly

Sunny Days cover art


Katherine Aly has a keen sense of the theatrical and she uses that to make her song “Sunny Days” stand out from the crowd and, with dramatic intent layered over her acidic lyrics, her appeal to musical cognoscenti must surely grow. Come to the cabaret.

Review date:  August 20, 2019

  Address by La Loba

Address cover art


With the pleasingly organic sound of the pipes to the fore, La Loba’s voice takes the traditional route through an ethereal world. A basic approach, undoubtedly, but an appealing one as she has the voice to make you believe in matters mystical.

Review date:  August 20, 2019

  Watching Me by Glossii

Watching Me cover art


At last a band with some attitude! Glossii keep it simple with their song “Watching Me” but you can’t go far wrong with throbbing drums, raucous guitars in maximum riff mode and in your face vocals. Play this one loud (as you might expect).

Review date:  August 17, 2019

  My Girl by St Martiins

My Girl cover art


Endearing in a laidback way, St Martiins show their mastery of wistful intent as they stroll their song “My Girl” along the avenues of broken hearts and wounded pride. It’s the kind of song that will find its way on to many a mixtape.

Review date:  August 17, 2019

  Solace by KYLO

Solace cover art


Almost overdosing on melodic melancholy is KYLO but that is kind of the point of her song “Solace” with her low key robotic rhythms being used to steadily spiral her message into your attention span. Walk in the shadows with her.

Review date:  August 17, 2019

  Selkirk Boy by Red Hearted Vibrations

Selkirk Boy cover art


Throwing in a heartfelt message to us all doesn’t distract from the fact that Red Hearted Vibrations are the kind of band that can mix riffs and passion in equal measures to ear pleasing effect. “Selkirk Boy” duly resonates with deeper purpose.

Review date:  August 16, 2019

  Bernadette by Reina Del Cid

Bernadette cover art


So, what would Bobbie Gentry sound like in the halcyon days that are today? Perhaps she would sound like Reina Del Cid as she tells stories in song just like the Lady of Chickasaw County once did. “Bernadette” duly, and stylishly, revels in sentiment.

Review date:  August 16, 2019

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