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  Bedford by Ginesse

Bedford cover art


Ginesse stars as the uptown girl that keeps on making good with this mainstream ballad that transcends its plastic heritage by intelligently injecting enough heart and soul to put the coffee shop crowd into spasms of synchronicity.

  1000 Words by 0171

1000 Words cover art


A vaguely unsettling addition to the fashionable robotic reinvention of the pop song, “1000 words” is right on the pulse of sequenced monotone with 0171 showing themselves to be more ironic than a telephone area code should be.

Review date:  February 13, 2019

  Humans by Eckhardt and the House

Humans cover art


I like it when a band makes a bit of effort to make their music different and Eckhardt and The House have duly done that with the trippy “Humans” resonating with all sorts of quirky influences from past and present. See the light dance!

Review date:  February 13, 2019

  Naked Flame by Hana Piranha

Naked Flame cover art


It would seem that the days of the power ballad are not over with Hana Piranha’s song “Naked Flame” being a fine example of what FM radio used to favour. The female vocals lead the song forward but it is the muscular guitars that actually keep the song on track.

Review date:  February 13, 2019

  Vitriol by Sistertalk

Vitriol cover art


Ripping a page right out of the art rock playbook are Sistertalk. The ghosts of the past dance with them throughout “Vitriol” but that is half the fun with songs of this sort. Needless to say, the necessary attitude is present, correct and wearing a silk tie.

Review date:  February 13, 2019

  House On A Rocky Road by Maya Lavelle

House On A Rocky Road cover art


I have to admit to finding “House On A Rocky Road” by Maya Lavelle endearingly quirky. I’m also sure that some will find the song irritating but any musician who strays away from the sequenced norm will always find favour with me.

Review date:  February 3, 2019

  Bird On A Wire by HAVVK

Bird On A Wire cover art


Although moody to the point of melancholy, HAVVK throw enough guitar muscle power into “Bird On A Wire” to turn the female vocals into the perfectly designed, and almost wistful, counterpoint. The art house crowd will undoubtedly like this one.

Review date:  February 3, 2019

  Boogie by Wet Dreams

Boogie cover art


Now this is more like it. Say no to subtlety. Say yes instead to kicking the walls down and, with this full on power chord barrage of a song called “Boogie”, Norwegian band Wet Dreams do just that. Originality is often overrated but attitude is forever and ever the answer to everything.

Review date:  February 3, 2019

  Call Me by Sarah Klang

Call Me cover art


“Call Me” is exactly the kind of high emotion ballad that makes the playlists of the better class of radio stations on both sides of the Atlantic these days. Does that make Sarah Klang the new Adele? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Review date:  January 31, 2019

  Carnivore by Still Eighteen

Carnivore cover art


Canadian alt rockers Still Eighteen take a shot at capitalism with the lyrics to their song “Carnivore” yet still fill the sonics up with all the power chords and take it to the bridge in a Camaro attitude that The Man likes. You will probably like it too.

Review date:  January 31, 2019

  The Advice Song by Jim Clements

The Advice Song cover art


So relentlessly downbeat as to make Leonard Cohen seem like S Club 7, Jim Clement takes us on a musical journey to the oblivion that is apathy with “The Advice Song” and I suppose that makes it as much a song for today as you are likely to get. Curiously appealing, for all that.

Review date:  January 31, 2019

  Kind of Special by Secret Treehouse

Kind of Special cover art


Too clever to be conventional, Secret Treehouse take the electro pop vibe and decorate it with wistful drama and the type of melodic insistence more readily associated with rock music thus making their song “Kind of Special” just that.

Review date:  January 27, 2019

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