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  Petrol Station Flowers by The New Consistent

Petrol Station Flowers cover art


A rambling storyteller in the best punk poet tradition, The New Consistent takes the soap opera that is reality and gives it a name. “Petrol Station Flowers” might seem to some the words of an underachiever but we need more wilderness voices like his.

Review date:  April 13, 2019

  Rule The World Tonight by Saint Sapphire

Rule The World Tonight cover art


Robust and muscular in the best grindhouse rock tradition, Saint Sapphire kick out the week and bring in the weekend with their song “Rule The World Tonight”. It’s a song designed to be played loud and, given that it has all the right influences, it goes well with beer too.

Review date:  April 13, 2019

  Slingshot by Good Kid

Slingshot cover art


You can’t go wrong with some energetic indie pop and, duly, Good Kid do not disappoint with their song “Slingshot”. Whilst frenetically delivered, the lyrics are rather more considered and the result has more than satisfactory substance.

Review date:  April 7, 2019

  The Day You Tried by Red Hearted Vibrations

The Day You Tried cover art


Driven by Americana tinged female vocals, I thought “The Day You Tried to Save Me” would turn out to be a modern country song but, instead, Glasgow’s Red Hearted Vibrations redirect the song, with the help of a muscular guitar solo, in the direction of a festival crowd pleasing singalong.

Review date:  April 6, 2019

  Dancing With A Bottle by Maya Lavelle

Dancing With A Bottle cover art


With her customary theatrical flourish, Maya Lavelle makes the world seem like a stage and duly trips the light fantastic throughout “Dancing With A Bottle”. This is a quirky song with undeniable burlesque appeal and it will be essential ear candy for the trendy.

Review date:  April 6, 2019

  Broke by Scott Lavene

Broke cover art


“Broke” marks the welcome return of the long thought lost punk poet genre with Scott Lavene maxing out on a hypnotic blend of ironic observation, downbeat irony and laconic pacing. That might not sound appealing but it bloody well is.

Review date:  April 6, 2019

  Be My Man by J.R.

Be My Man cover art


At sub two minutes, “Be My Man” is brief and to the point yet, despite said brevity, this rough edged song from J.R. squeezes in enough vocal angst and full on lo-fi guitar riffs to make the song seem of deeper and darker purpose than you might expect.

Review date:  April 6, 2019

  Low by Sal The Musician

Low cover art


Whilst definitely downbeat and seemingly low on positivity, “Low” by Sal The Musician is nonetheless not really a lo-fi slacker anthem as the song takes an inspirational turn towards the end. The song could do with more musical polish but his heart is in his words.

Review date:  April 6, 2019

  Baby Shakes by Plotz

Baby Shakes cover art


Some might accuse Plotz of simply ticking all the indie pop style boxes with their song “Baby Shakes” yet the offbeat lead vocals suggest the resulting quirkiness is more affection for rather than blind adoration of the fan’s expectations of the genre. I feel the warmth.

Review date:  April 6, 2019

  Lovers by KEØMA

Lovers cover art


There is plenty of mainstream appeal to be found within the three minutes of “Lovers” with the duo known as KEØMA pulling enough retro influences to make fans of nineties music happy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this song turn up in an advert.

Review date:  April 6, 2019

  Modular Winter by Justin Wright

Modular Winter cover art


Not much in the way of classical music passes my reviewing ears these days so “Modular Winter” by Justin Wright made for a welcome change. He is a man with a cello and a penchant for musical eloquence. Both serve him well here.

  Fat And Die by Closet Organ

Fat And Die cover art


Closet Organ sound like a product of Glasgow’s guitar powered underground music scene with their song “Fat And Die” nearly overdosing on low number power chords, stylistic discord and downright quirky vocals. Add cheap lager to enjoy this at its best. I did.

Review date:  March 29, 2019

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