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  Sorceress by Desert Sharks

Sorceress cover art


Girls. Guitars. Reverb. That’s about all you need to make my ears happy. Big smiles therefore for Desert Sharks as they crank it up and make some noise with their song “Sorceress”. I am now officially under their spell.

Review date:  August 11, 2019

  Almond Milk by Louise Lemón

Almond Milk cover art


Taking her song boat named “Almond Milk” for a cruise on a sea of dramatic melancholy, Louise Lemón establishes, or rather reestablishes, herself as the siren of choice for broken hearts and emotional catharsis.

Review date:  August 11, 2019

  Here To Stay by The Sums

Here To Stay cover art


Pleasing alt-pop from The Sums with their song “Here To Say” strolling confidently between playful melodies and musical maturity in pursuit of the nirvana that is generally referred to as ear candy. Their influences are obvious yet the song works out rather well.

Review date:  August 11, 2019

  Spanners For Hands by Roxy Girls

Spanners For Hands cover art

Post punk

Taking post punk Didacticism back to its roots, Roxy Girls walk on the angular arthouse side of the street with their song “Spanners For Hand” being clearly armed with the edgy guitars and the sunglasses in daylight vocal posturing needed to make a point.

Review date:  August 11, 2019

  Gold Rush by Elodie Reverie

Gold Rush cover art


Despite utilising the oppressive perfection of the loop to make her point, Elodie Rêverie then click tracks her words with uncommon fluency into metaphors that provide the real substance for her song “Gold Rush”. Deeper than the night.

Review date:  August 11, 2019

  Royal Pigs by Broken Baby

Royal Pigs cover art


Interesting. On the surface, “Royal Pigs” seems like the kind of song that would tick all the boxes on any alt-rock radio station but Broken Baby are way too polished and lyrically astute to have taken the easy way in. A band with a future, methinks.

Review date:  August 11, 2019

  Back To Black by ElectroBluesSociety

Back To Black cover art


It is somewhat ironic for blues revivalists like ElectroBluesSociety to revive an Amy Whitehouse song yet they have chosen to do just that with “Back To Black” and guest vocalist Karin Roerdink uses her voice to keep the song on the straight and narrow.

  Ring Ring Angus by Awkward Family Portraits

Ring Ring Angus cover art


Yes. It seems like there will always a place for some good time rock ‘n’ roll revivalism with Glasgow’s Awkward Family Portraits greasing back their quiff and taking their song “Ring Ring Angus” on an energetic time travelling trip back to the fifties.

  Listen Up by Tawny K

Listen Up cover art


Should you ever wonder what makes a pop song in the days immediately preceding Armageddon then look no further than “Listen Up” by Tawny K. The computer is carrying the freight yet there is still the mark of humanity to be found in the lyrics.

Review date:  August 3, 2019

  Rip It Off by Parsnip

Rip It Off cover art


Although the band, like me, are clearly far too young to have first-hand knowledge of the psych pop influences that liberally season “Rip It Off”, it is nonetheless obvious that taking the listener on a guitar powered trip comes easily to Parsnip. I’m a believer.

Review date:  August 3, 2019

  Talking To Yourself by Dante Matas

Talking To Yourself cover art


“Talking To Yourself” plays out like a pop song from a time when such things were the norm and Dante Matas does his best to fill the obligatory three minutes with enough in the way of hook and melody to take your attention into tomorrow.

Review date:  August 3, 2019

  Treat Ya Better by The Criticals

Treat Ya Better cover art

Retro rock

Pulling the stick back on seventies retro rock moves allows “Treat Ya Better” to gain some altitude and duly gives The Criticals the chance to fly their song on to the bridge in order to impress both the youth of today and their gran.

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