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  Upside Down by Unohu

Upside Down cover art


“Upside Down” is infused with both woozy charm and a sense of purpose and those who like a bit of lyrical substance to accompany their alt-rock riffs will find this song by Indian band Unohu much to their liking. Worthy of a listen or three.

Review date:  September 15, 2019

  Infatuation by Sofia Härdig

Infatuation cover art


I like this one. Sofia Härdig casts her looped to the max hypnotic spell over her song “Infatuation” and makes it seem like those minimalist lyrics are actually incantations. It’s a plastic world that we live in and she knows it. Enjoy!

Review date:  September 13, 2019

  HEY! by Gabriela Eva

HEY! cover art


Using technology to positive effect, Gabriel Eva loops her way through “HEY!” with sinuous style and smart lyrics that effectively make a simple point about the days we live in. So, while this is a happy song for unhappy people, it will make your day better.

Review date:  September 13, 2019

  On My Own by Chin Injeti

On My Own cover art


There is no shortage of retro eighties funk influences to be found in this, no doubt Paisley Park, inspired song but Chin Injeti carries it all off with some style of his own thus making “On My Own” worthy of a listen or three.

Review date:  September 13, 2019

  Channel Zero by Kate Clover

Channel Zero cover art

Power Up

If you like it old school, then you will like Kate Clover. She digs up all that post punk American style vibe and uses it to decorate her song “Channel Zero” with in your face vocals, riffs and nihilistic attitude. Play loud because that is how it should be.

Review date:  September 13, 2019

  You and Your Love by Alas The Sun

You and Your Love cover art


Following the casual indie pop groove is the action plan for Alas The Sun and their song “You and Your Love” duly worms its way into your affections with laidback puppy dog charm and downbeat lyrics. Rather pleasing to the ear.

Review date:  September 13, 2019

  Totally Faking by Salt Ashes

Totally Faking cover art

Power Up

Whilst robotically perfect in the rhythm department, “Totally Faking” also shows that Salt Ashes has something organic to display in her shop window even throwing in a guitar solo to crank up your ear enthusiasm. It’s an approach that works rather well.

Review date:  September 7, 2019

  Cyborg by TRAPS

Cyborg cover art


This one sounds angry. Rectangular math rock tends to do just that and TRAPS duly kick the angst up and down an eight minute street littered with the corpses of overdriven guitar riffs and bang it until it hurts drums. Their song “Cyborg” is coming to get you.

Review date:  September 6, 2019

  One and Only Lover by Sweetwood

One and Only Lover cover art


There is always a place for retro worship on the dancefloor and, duly, Sweetwood’s song “One and Only Lover” locks it to the clock of days gone by whilst adding enough love for the era to make it all worthwhile to your ears.

Review date:  September 6, 2019

  Dead Sixty-Six by Arsun

Dead Sixty-Six cover art


Old school and organic, Arsun walk the walk and talk the talk of the songwriter on the cusp of rock greatness with just enough country to get him (or them) a gig on the west coast. “Dead Sixty-Six” is a song that cries out for airplay in a top down Thunderbird.

Review date:  September 6, 2019

  Undertow by Man of the Minch

Undertow cover art


Man of the Minch goes a bit country with “Undertow” yet he has not forgotten that it is all in the song. Throwing in a bit of fiddle reminds us that he has folk roots but, as I said but a few words ago, it is all in the song and this is a convincing song.

Review date:  September 5, 2019

  Entrance by Anita Ramona

Entrance cover art


Infusing “Entrance” with hypnotic rhythms looped from the dancefloor, Anita Ramona drifts dreamily through her song like some mystical post midnight princess on a mission to make it to the dawn with her heart unbroken.

Review date:  September 5, 2019

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