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  One of These Days by Sweetwood

One of These Days cover art


It has been a retro week and Sweetwood follow the trend with their song “One Of These Days”. Strong vocals make the song and will motivate the connoisseur to dig out those old Billy Ocean albums for one last spin.

Review date:  November 30, 2018

  Butterflies by The Hope State

Butterflies cover art


Somewhat overblown in his approach, Canada’s The Hope State aims for the big emotions with his song “Butterflies”. His motivations may not be particularly original, but I suppose his heart is in the right place.

Review date:  November 30, 2018

  What’s in a Minute? by The Hudares

What’s in a Minute? cover art


I almost thought this was yet another indie rock band but Doncaster’s The Hudares have enough grit, especially from Dave Howard’s roughhouse vocals, and grungy guitars to take “What’s in a Minute?” right out of the end of their street and onwards to a wider audience.

Review date:  November 26, 2018

  Just in the Band by Silverbacks

Just in the Band cover art


Silverbacks take the boisterous path with their song “Just in the Band” and duly throw in enough youthful untidiness and ragged post punk influences to make the result seem more organic than you would expect of a modern day band. Angular, but in a good way…

Review date:  November 23, 2018

  Tell Me by ElectroBluesSociety

Tell Me cover art


Blues believers ElectroBluesSociety drag in the stalwart voice of Boo Boo Davis to give that authentic Chicago blues vibe to “Tell Me”. The result is traditional but anything with Boo Boo Davis in it will do just fine for me. Solid as a rock!

Review date:  November 23, 2018

  Put It Out by Sumner

Put It Out cover art


I’m a sucker for this kind of low-key electronica and duly I took Sumner’s “Put It Out” into my cold, cold heart. Whilst it is true that no musical chances are taken here, the song just makes you feel fuzzy all over. That’s good enough for me.

Review date:  November 23, 2018

  Monochrome by Ama

Monochrome cover art


“Monochrome” ticks all the urban style boxes for Ama with her rather sweet and innocent voice lifting this song above the technology that created it. It is more of a groove than a song but her charm carries the day.

Review date:  November 23, 2018

  Always The Same by HAVVK

Always The Same cover art


Playing out like steroid pumped indie pop, HAVVK kicks the door down with her song “Always The Same”. Perhaps a bit too polite for a song with a sharp edge, HAVVK nonetheless gets her point across with a fair amount of style.

Review date:  November 23, 2018

  Find Someone Who Cares by Charlie Hole

Find Someone Who Cares cover art


Unashamedly sentimental and surefootedly strolling down the middle of the road, Charlie Hole aims for the heartstrings with “Find Someone Who Cares” and hits his mark with the kind of accuracy that comes only with clean living.

Review date:  November 16, 2018

  Funeral by Eckhardt and the House

Funeral cover art


It is kind odd how the past gets to seem fresh if you leave it long enough. Eckhardt and the House take the retro route to the New York of the eighties with “Funeral” and, while some might even call this song self-consciously stylish, it works nonetheless.

Review date:  November 16, 2018

  Lovesong by Anne Marie Almedal

Lovesong cover art


At last! A cover version that manages to be so much more than a copy. Anne Marie Almedal’s restrained take on The Cure’s “Lovesong” extracts maximum emotion and turns the song into something new in the process.

Review date:  November 16, 2018

  x ANA x by Badflower

x ANA x cover art


How about that? Rough edged indie pop powered by angst and a splash of anger just like the good old days? Thumbs up therefore to Badflower for injecting “x ANA x” with enough life to get your heart beating and your feet tapping. Anguish me now!

Review date:  November 16, 2018

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