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  Four Winds by Unquiet Nights

Four Winds cover art


Formerly an inhabitant of the deeper end of the indie rock pool, Unquiet Nights have now aimed themselves at a more mature and mainstream rock audience with their song “Four Winds” being both memorable and successful in its festival friendly aims.

Review date:  June 8, 2019

  Let Go by Loudmammoth

Let Go cover art


It probably seems unusual to comment on a band sounding natural these days, yet it is what it is and Loudmammoth sound appealing natural as their downbeat post punk motivations drive their song “Let Go” onwards and upwards.

Review date:  June 8, 2019

  Loose Cannon by Zuffalo

Loose Cannon cover art


There is retro and then there is dancing retro and Zuffalo have diligently dug up the past and used what they found to turn their song “Loose Cannon” into the soundtrack to adventures on a beer soaked blue collar dancefloor on a Friday night. Good times!

Review date:  June 5, 2019

  Amsterdam by You Will Flood The River

Amsterdam cover art


As is their style, You Will Flood The River keep it low key with their song “Amsterdam” being thoroughly infused with minor key melancholy. Literate lyrics keep the song on course however and the laidback lead vocals discreetly get the message across.

  Black Mamba by Enbers

Black Mamba cover art


It had to happen sometime and, duly, Enbers deconstructs the expectations of the singer songwriter genre with a flourish probably borne of a Spanish field trip counterpointing his inbuilt ennui to thus turn “Black Mamba into something a bit different.

Review date:  June 1, 2019

  Locked Door by After Elmer

Locked Door cover art


Upbeat pop punk from a band too young to remember the heyday of pop punk, “Locked Door” sounds as catchy and energetic as a band of that past time might have sounded which, in these locked to the misery loop days, works much to the favour of After Elmer.

Review date:  June 1, 2019

  No Work by The Black Fever

No Work cover art


Sounding like grim reality seems to come easy for The Black Fever and, with a persistence that does them credit, they drag their four on the floor song “No Work” off in the direction of the fields of protest with their edgy guitars and world weary voice in tow.

  The Inbetween by Ginesse

The Inbetween cover art


Ginesse lacks neither style nor purpose and her song “The Inbetween” duly transcends its looped minimalism and processed plasticity to make an actual statement. Aspirations may never change but the heart of a woman will always need a voice.

  Neon Demon by Soften

Neon Demon cover art


Lighter than an angel delight, “Neon Demon” provides all the evidence that you need to prove that introspection is a quality that Swiss indie multi-instrumentalist Soften does not lack and his song duly drifts all the way into the distance.

Review date:  May 26, 2019

  Be My Queen by Hoozbah

Be My Queen cover art


Old school rock gets revisited by Hoozbah with their song “Be My Queen” sounding like it was dropped straight off a seventies album into today. Naturally, there is a guitar solo and the casual pacing is strangely endearing in these click and forget days.

Review date:  May 24, 2019

  Solid Influence by Go Gracious

Solid Influence cover art


Some unexpected skill in metaphorical lyrics distinguishes “Solid Influence” by Go Gracious. Musically, the song follows the mainstream path yet the mere presence of literacy is enough to make me wish for good things to happen for this duo.

Review date:  May 24, 2019

  Behave by Vukovi

Behave cover art


“Behave” would have been easy to write off as a product of conventional commercialism if it were not for the muscular enthusiasm shown by Vukovi for the task in hand. I can see this song multiplying the band’s fan base.

Review date:  May 24, 2019

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