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  All Returns by Wolf People

All Returns cover art

Retro folk rock

A rambling yet appealing seventies style rock song, “All Returns”  shows Wolf People to be a band in awe of a past that was, in all probability, gone before they were even born.  However, the male vocal makes the most of obvious folk influences and, with skilled musicianship bringing up the rear, the result is pleasingly atmospheric.

Review date:  April 14 2013

  Other Tales by Queenfish & Other Tales

Other Tales cover art

Swedish songstress

Whilst clearly of the sensitive singer songwriter persuasion, Queenfish & Other Tales – aka Ewa Wikström - takes a more thorough approach than normal with “Dive In” being both emotive and elegantly arranged and Ms Wikström’s voice hitting just the right balance between melancholy and dignity.

Review date:  April 14 2013

  G.O.D. by Binary

G.O.D. cover art

Counting the cash

Although locked in a sequenced time warp, Binary make with plenty of pleasant theatricality and consequently lift “G.O.D.” out of the ordinary and put it straight into the pockets of the nearest Coldplay fan. Unless I am greatly mistaken, this is what counts as commercial music these days.

Review date:  April 6 2013

  Blue Ceiling by Jumpel

Blue Ceiling cover art

German electronica

I am not a fan of minimalist – and usually inconsequential - ambient electronica and Jumpel’s “Blue Ceiling” would have been rapidly discarded were it not enlivened to the point of the hypnotic by the wistful vocals of Chloë March. Subtly beautiful.

Review date:  April 6 2013

  Knives in our Pockets by High Windows

Knives in our Pockets cover art

Left of centre indie rock

No idea who High Windows are but I reckon that I will have to find out.  “Knives In Our Pockets” is a jagged little song with unhealthy amounts of twisted guitars and impassioned vocals kicking it up and down the mean streets of the big city. I hear and believe what they are saying. (A free download from Bandcamp).

Review date:  April 6 2013

  Sin City by Jack Jefferson

Sin City cover art

Not another one

A newcomer to the world of third rate laptop electronica, Jack Jefferson tries to put as many awkwardly edited sounds and inject as much unfortunate vocal processing into “Sin City” as his lack of imagination and ability will allow. No one should have to listen to this.

  Burning Books by Poor Frisco

Burning Books cover art

Standing up somehow

Likeable if somewaht limp indie rock from East Kilbride, Poor Frisco manage to turn “Burning Books” from what you would think should be a rock anthem into something that would not frighten even a wearer of cardigans from the west (or should that be wooss) end of Glasgow. All things considered, your sister is probably scarier than this song.

Review date:  March 30 2013

  Haunting by Bones on Show

Haunting cover art

Yet another day

Bones on Show – it’s an alias –is/are a little bit better than your average singer songwriter but, ultimately, average dexterity and a half decent voice won’t get you far in a world addicted to gimmicks. “Haunting” therefore fails to excite and the song soon drowns in a small pond of indifference

Review date:  March 30 2013

  Hungry Heart by This Vision

Hungry Heart cover art

Swedish retro rockets

I just can’t get enough of the currently prevalent Swedish take on europop. Well, actually I can but that doesn’t stop This Vision from turning on the retro rockets and locking their robotic sequencers on 1988. “Hungry Heart” would have been huge back in the day of synth pop and mascara.

Review date:  March 30 2013

  Debris by Tropical Tobacco

Debris cover art

Ain't no sunshine

Hushed vocals and a moody laptop actually succeed in giving “Debris”, by Tropical Tobacco, a dark and downbeat atmosphere and you might therefore be inclined to associate them, in musical terms at least, with a London basement of the nineties rather than the Portuguese sunshine.

  Keanu Leaves by Where We Lay Our Heads

Keanu Leaves cover art

Intelligent Glaswegians

I’m about 30 seconds in to this song and it has become plainly obvious that I am listening to one of the better educated Glasgow bands that nicely balance their indie pop and neo folk influences.  That might sound like an Admiral Fallow comparison is on the cards but the emotional sharp edges to the lyrics(and an actual vocal arrangement) allows “Keanu Leaves” to walk tall amongst the cardigan wearers.

Review date:  March 24 2013

  Ego by Cajsa Siik

Ego cover art

Scandinavian smoothness

Going all mellow and reflective this time, Cajsa Siik holds a steady course through her single “Ego” with repressed emotions providing the motivation for her near laconic vocals. It is the kind of song that seems to fit the post sunset groove best so put your headphones on and set a course for the stars.

Review date:  March 24 2013

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