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  Cold Sweat by The Counterpoints

Cold Sweat cover art

Melodic indie rockers

“Cold Sweat” is a simple song but I suppose that it all you really need in these attention deficit days. However, this London based melodic indie rock band do sell it with some gusto but whether that is enough to make them stand out from the crowd remains to be seen.

  Bar L by The Skunnered

Bar L cover art

Riddrie country blues

Bar-L is one Her Majesty’s holiday camps, in case you were wondering, so credit is due to The Skunnered for using it as a somewhat unusual inspiration for a song. Wry lyrics that would be Americana if this were Travis County instead of dear old Glasgow town carry this song along in a way that Ray Davies would surely approve of and I have to admit that I was soon singing the Bar-L Blues myself.

  Nothing Wrong with Being Wrong by The Vibe

Nothing Wrong with Being Wrong cover art

Glasgow indie popsters

“Nothing Wrong with Being Wrong” provides adequate proof that there is nothing wrong with being a Glasgow indie popster even in these days of cardigan wearing oversupply. Although politely performed and roughly recorded, the song nonetheless has an endearing, non-threatening quality to it but it is Nicola Rainey’s here there and everywhere vocal that saves the day and lifts the song above grey mediocrity.  For once, practice is all that will be needed to make this one perfect.

  North by Movement

North cover art

Birmingham bedsit electronica

Minimalist electronic doodlings from what appears to be a one man and a laptop band from Birmingham, “North” sounds like a low budget Vangelis style soundtrack cue for the kind of movie that only ever got released on VHS and is none the worse for being that.

Review date:  May 12, 2012

  Swindling Sisters by A Winters Education

Swindling Sisters cover art

Cascading Newcastle guitars

A bit retro and more than a bit rough around the edges, A Winters Education push their song “Swindling Sisters”, probably deliberately, into sub Smiths territory.  With a bit of tidying up, they could escape mere revivalism with this one. After all, that worked for the Felt Tips.

Review date:  May 12, 2012

  Cruise Elroy by Slow Buildings

Cruise Elroy cover art

Indie New Jersey Style

“Cruise Elroy” has an endearing, half way through a journey to retro radio friendliness, simplicity like, say, a cut back Weezer.  It is a demo so the songs suffers from a flat mix and it does drag on past its sell by date somewhat but if they polish it up then it should do just fine.

Review date:  May 5, 2012

  The Coldest Corner by The Skunnered

The Coldest Corner cover art

Mellow and Misty Scots

Full of mellow grooviness and seasoned with a tablespoonful of reverb, “The Coldest Corner” sounds like it has been pulled out a late sixties movie soundtrack and I reckon you will probably have to be of a certain age (or beyond) to fully appreciate this song. One to enjoy with a nice cup of tea methinks.

  Seventeen by Call The Doctor

Seventeen cover art

Female fronted indie rockers

I was just thinking that there must be some way to make the incredibly unadventurous indie rock genre more interesting and along comes Bristol band Call The Doctor. “Seventeen” would have been a dull thing indeed if it were not for the dramatic yet poised vocals of Patti Aberhart. Yes, add a girl with some undeniable style and indie rock gets interesting. Who would have figured that? Apart from me that is.

Review date:  April 21, 2012

  Se Foss Per Me by Elisa Luu

Se Foss Per Me cover art

Italian ambient electronica

A rare occasion when a woman’s touch makes no perceptible difference at all, Elisa Luu’s “Se fosse per me” sounds like any other bit of sequenced serendipity determined to wander the airwaves without direction. Bedsit electronica, I know thy name!

Review date:  April 21, 2012

  Revolution Road by JJ Quinlan

Revolution Road cover art

Displaced Irishman

Not much to go on here apart from the info that JJ Quinlan is an Irishman now settled in Israel. Possibly the fun packed political situation in that part of the world inspired the earnest sentiments of “Revolution Road” if not its straight down the road eighties rock feel. Nice, fluid guitar work though that reminded me a bit of JJ Gilmour.

Review date:  April 17, 2012

  Leave It Til Tomorrow by The Plastic Pals

Leave It Til Tomorrow cover art

Swedes lost in America

Had to listen to this one twice (which actually wasn’t too much of a hardship). “Leave It ‘Til Tomorrow” seems to be the work of a modern day Swedish band but sounds more like it had fallen off an album by an American seventies soft rock band like The Doobie Brothers. I suspect that you may have to be of a certain age or greater to get this type of music but it is nicely done here.

Review date:  April 8, 2012

  La Processione by Muffx

La Processione cover art

Italian indie rockers

Italians just have more style. It’s a simple fact and “La Processione” provides ample proof of that. It is nothing more than indie rock but nonetheless swaggers mercilessly under the weight of its inherent refrigerator coolness with Luigi Bruno’s vocals talking the talk while the rest of the band walk the walk. Almost as good as a Fiat Dino Coupé.

Review date:  March 28, 2012

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