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  Electric Rooster by Death By Ambition

Electric Rooster cover art

Glasgow extended rockers

From the primordial pool of Glasgow rock bands comes Death By Ambition. “Electric Rooster” flies the flag well for that sort of thing although the song stops just when it was getting interesting.  “Mirror Signal Manoeuvre” , on the other hand, is rather less successful with weak lyrics and an insipid male vocal dragging the song down.

Review date:  January 14, 2012

  Made Up Stories by Craig White

Made Up Stories cover art

Another sensitive soul

Light and meaningful in the way of young, thoughtful, singer songwriters, Craig White does a pleasant enough job of his song “Made Up Stories” but I have to observe that he really needs to man up if he is to stand out from what is a very large crowd of similarly sensitive souls.

Review date:  January 14, 2012

  Good God I'm on Fire by Haivercraft

Good God I'm on Fire cover art

Glasgow rockers grow hair

“Good God (I’m On Fire)” has that eighties bombastic feel that you would expect of an American hair rock band aiming at the pop charts. There’s a big guitar solo, as you would expect, but the spotlight shines most brightly on the singer’s robust yet simultaneously camp delivery. Safe to say that Haivercraft got it just about right with this one.  “I Want You” shows a sensitive side to the band but that song is ultimately destined to be forever a flipside.

Review date:  January 8, 2012

  Garden of Eden by JapanFour

Garden of Eden cover art

Thoughtful indie rockers

A bit of a surprise here as JapanFour neatly escape the limitations of being a West Lothian band with “Garden of Eden”. Decorating the song with some sharp lyrics and a solid Britpop on the rampage groove lets the band stand tall over their geographic contemporaries.

Review date:  January 8, 2012

  All I Ever Wanted by Minor Delilah

All I Ever Wanted cover art

Mellow Lanarkshire Boys

What’s this? A band from Lanarkshire that isn’t doing the three power chord thing? Apparently so, as “All I Ever Wanted” shows Minor Delilah to be a band with a sensitive side and a perhaps unhealthy interest in Coldplay. That said, with a bit of work on developing their individuality, they could be interesting.

Review date:  December 26, 2011

  The BIg Bad Man by Quixote

The BIg Bad Man cover art

Dispossessed Londoners on the make

Mop my fevered brow for it is time for some stomping, tub thumping and downright raucous piano driven alt-rock that draws as a much from the blues for its redemptive spirit as it does from twisted showtunes for its dramatic impact. “The Big Bad Man” is the song and it hits the mark dead on.

Review date:  December 17, 2011

  After Dark by The Beautiful Game

After Dark cover art

Soft centred indie rockers

Playing to their strengths on the sensitive side of indie rock are London band The Beautiful Game. “After Dark” is a melodic and mellow song that shows more maturity than you would expect of the genre. I could see this being a crowd pleaser.

Review date:  December 17, 2011

  Velvet Sunburst by Calm As The Colour

Velvet Sunburst cover art

Smiling Scottish indie popsters

“Velvet Sunburst” is the sort of song that you would expect of one of the better Scottish indie pop bands these days. It is nicely put together and draws from psychedelic influences in a successful attempt to bring light into these dull grey days. Really rather pleasant.

  C'est la vie by Taco Land

C'est la vie cover art

Mellow Texans on the move

Whatever happened to mellow, melodic folk rock? A child of seventies thought long lost? Not really if Texas band Taco Land have anything to do with it. "C'est La Vie" is an up-tempo song that rolls along the highway of life in a SUV friendly manner even it really wants to be in a '69 Dodge Charger.

Review date:  November 22, 2011

  Are You Free by Haivercraft

Are You Free cover art

Guitars from Glasgow

Guitars from Glasgow pretty much sums up Haivercraft. They do rock music with less self obsession and more attitude than most which means that they might grow up to be a real rock band. The singer's mid Atlantic drawl on "Are You Free" also suggests that he has plundered his dad's classic rock record collection while the guitarist sounds like he has already taken to wearing leather trousers. A band that is getting in the tour bus mood, perhaps?

Review date:  October 27, 2011

  I'm Famous by Meca

I'm Famous cover art

Urban identikit

Really, what's the point? Meca does the generic, totally plastic "urban" thing with only some dull rapping to break up the repeated chant of "I'm Famous". I kind of hope this is some sort of pastiche or at least part of some master plan to get on American Idol but, in my heart, I know it is not.

Review date:  October 27, 2011

  Nobody Wants Me by New Messiahs

Nobody Wants Me cover art

Happy smiling Yorkshire lads

With a la la la and a near sociopathic affection for early seventies British pop music, Yorkshire band New Messiahs go large on the hooks and big choruses with "Nobody Wants Me".  You want more than that? Why? This is pop music like it used to be done.

Review date:  October 10, 2011

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