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  Hover Hand by Fime

Hover Hand cover art


Everything about this song screams of distortion yet it is that very distortion that makes Fime’s “Hover Hand” more of an anthem to Cobain style guitar powered alienation than an attempt to find their own friendly ears outside of their LA turf.

Review date:  July 15, 2018

  The Nightmares Leave Us All Inoperational by Verse Metrics

The Nightmares Leave Us All Inoperational cover art


A rather angular example of what the better Glasgow bands are producing these days, “The Nightmares Leave Us All Inoperational” by Verse Metrics reeks equally of arthouse pretension and intellectual indie intentions. Ponder at your peril.

Review date:  July 15, 2018

  Desert Sky by Paola Bennet

Desert Sky cover art


Paola Bennet has the courage to leave some space around her words thus making her song “Desert Sky” seem a song about space than a song that fits in a space with her voice adding enough mainstream appeal to get her a place on the bus to Nashville.

Review date:  July 15, 2018

  The Flood by Koschka

The Flood cover art


“The Flood” is a modern day torch song lost forever between the murkiness of a distant piano and the smoky torment of Koschka’s voice. I drift therefore I am Koschka and there is no colour in my world and, yes, downbeat drama does it for me every time.

Review date:  July 15, 2018

  The Waiting Room by Taylor Janzen

The Waiting Room cover art


“The Waiting Room” may indeed be predictable fare for an up and coming sensitive singer songwriter but Taylor Janzen has literacy on here side and she duly gifts her song with honesty and the potential to be the soundtrack to a montage on one of the better television shows.

Review date:  July 15, 2018

  Double Down by Slothrust

Double Down cover art


A rather splendid mix of angst and muscle power, “Double Down” has more than enough substance and street smarts to escape from late night radio and make you run all the red lights on the way to nowhere. Slothrust could well be cool!

Review date:  July 15, 2018

  David by Frøkedal

David cover art


Drifting and downbeat, Frøkedal neatly updates the fey folk-rock sound for the listeners of today whilst adding her own poetic viewpoint. “David” is duly hypnotic and jingle jangle at the same time and that works just fine for me.

Review date:  July 15, 2018

  They Like. We Like by Mezko

They Like. We Like cover art

Get on

Manic, oppressive yet strangely endearing, “They Like. We Like” plays like a full-on escapee from the acid house dancefloor looking for a new home outside that time vortex you have in your wardrobe. God bless Mezko and all who blow their sparkled eardrums whilst grooving upwards.

Review date:  July 6, 2018

  Late Night Disturbance by The Purrs

Late Night Disturbance cover art


You can’t go wrong with an excess of retro reverb and The Purrs are the proof with their song “Late Night Disturbance” tripping in from a time long gone. Tune in, trip out and make sure that The Man takes the blame for it all. Spark me, baby!

Review date:  July 6, 2018

  Fingerprints by Annie Bonsignore

Fingerprints cover art


It is not often these days that a song can be called wholesome yet that is the best word to describe “Fingerprints” by Annie Bonsignore with the song being, of course, a dramatic piano led ballad peppered with spiritual metaphors. Wholesome it is, then.

Review date:  July 6, 2018

  In The Night by Favours

In The Night cover art


Maybe it is just all this sunshine we have been having recently but “In The Night” by Canadian synth rock band Favours reeks of druggy influences and, as it drifts along, it rapidly becomes the soundtrack to a trip. Far out!

Review date:  July 6, 2018

  Harry’s Shed by Scunner

Harry’s Shed cover art


Long time Glasgow cabaret hipsters Scunner strike back from the style basement with this offbeat homage to sixties neo legend Anthony Newley. “Harry’s Shed” won't appeal to the mainstream but any band that dares to be both different and decadent is alright with me.

Review date:  July 2, 2018

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