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  Minotaure by Jess and The Ancient Ones

Minotaure cover art


Jess and The Ancient Ones sound like a band that knows how to have fun and “Minotaure” has a sixties psych rock groove providing sterling support to the dramatic lead vocals thus keeping the song, in today’s terms at least, on the offbeat side of the fence.

Review date:  October 22, 2017

  Feel Alive by Katie Herzig

Feel Alive cover art

Electro cool

Katie Herzig neatly demonstrates her mastery of modern day electro pop with her song “Feel Alive” soaring high above her many competitors. She’s not retro and that’s a very good thing indeed and “Feel Alive” deserves a wider audience than the IPod generation.

Review date:  October 22, 2017

  Three of Swords by Shuckster

Three of Swords cover art


“Three of Swords” is, in the best rock tradition, a song about a girl with enough big guitar riffs thrown into the mix to make Shuckster seem more muscular and modern than most.

Review date:  October 22, 2017

  Witch Hunt by New Lingo

Witch Hunt cover art


New Lingo, on the evidence of “Witch Hunt”, seem to be pitching a rambling version of indie rock as their way forward to fame. The impassioned lead vocals make a positive impression but the song itself is strictly by the numbers.

Review date:  October 22, 2017

  Eyes on You by Kadija Kamara

Eyes on You cover art


Making the urban streets of today burn with seventies soul style, passion and purpose is a challenge but Kadija Kamara is more than up to the job with her song “Eyes on You” striking straight at the heart of the matter.

Review date:  October 19, 2017

  Dance Floor by L.A.D.

Dance Floor cover art

Retro fun

The retro safe gets blown again and all those plastic eighties beats are, once more, on their way to that dodgy street corner pawn shop to be exchanged for a hit. L.A.D. are, however, notably better than most musical thieves with some dynamic female vocals adding that special sparkle to “Dance Floor.

Review date:  October 19, 2017

  The Way That I Feel by GGOOLLDD

The Way That I Feel cover art


Now this one works! “The Way That I Feel” is propelled forward by a retro electropop engine and features lyrics that are little more than a chant yet such is the energy generated by GGOOLLDD that you can’t help but sing along.

Review date:  October 19, 2017

  Cost Of by Fovea

Cost Of cover art


Taking a rather more intellectual approach are Brooklyn’s Fovea proving themselves unafraid of complexity as they meander through their song “Cost Of” and duly providing the curious with something to ponder and, indeed, savour.

Review date:  October 19, 2017

  Warsaw by Andy Lampert

Warsaw cover art

Could be

They say that some things improve with age and certainly Andy Lampert’s song “Warsaw” is an example of that with a rather clumsy start giving way to a rather pleasing retake of the seventies glam rock sound. Chopping the song to three minutes would probably make it special.

  Scarlet Fever by Skye Wallace

Scarlet Fever cover art


“Scarlet Fever” plays with enough drama to be a country song yet it is so full of upbeat pop-rock energy that you can’t help but sing along and that’s more than enough reason to put Skye Wallace on my playlist for the week.

Review date:  October 14, 2017

  Where Did All The Love Go by The Rebel Light

Where Did All The Love Go cover art


The Rebel Light are the kind of band that sound like they were born and bred on the west coast of the USA (and it would appear that they actually were) and their song “Where Did All The Love Go” duly soars with the sun into soft rock territory.

Review date:  October 13, 2017

  Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby by Cara Salimando

Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby cover art


If you have to do a cover then at least cover a song that needs the exposure. That’s what Cara Salimando has done with her version of “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” and, while the result is perhaps less brooding than the original, she is certainly walking down the same street.

Review date:  October 13, 2017

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