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  Now We Know by Tremends

Now We Know cover art

On the beat

Whilst ticking all the fashionable downbeat and retro boxes, Miami based band Tremends nonetheless manage to stamp enough urban style on to their song “Now We Know” to make it radio friendly.

Review date:  February 24, 2018

  Soveraine by Midas Fall

Soveraine cover art


“Soveraine” is the kind of song that exudes an excess of melodrama, but Midas Fall succeed on keeping the song on track for its extended duration whilst evoking the ghosts of times long forgotten.

Review date:  February 24, 2018

  Since I Don’t Have You by She Brought Me Gasoline

Since I Don’t Have You cover art


Americana is an international musical language with Croatian band She Brought Me Gasoline making their bid for the spotlight with “Since I Don’t Have You”. The song and performance walk the line but the banjos, as always, have it.

Review date:  February 24, 2018

  Do It All Again by Praa

Do It All Again cover art


I would even go as far as calling “Do It All Again” by Praa a cool tune – not something I am prone to doing at the best of times – for there is something hypnotic about this entirely commercial yet entrancingly emotional song.

Review date:  February 24, 2018

  Take Your Name by Martha Ffion

Take Your Name cover art

On the money

Right on trend for yesterday and today, “Take Your Name” should bring Martha Ffion some welcome attention with her sonorous voice sailing upon a glorious sea of reverb and retro intensive style towards the port that is my wallet.

Review date:  January 28, 2018

  A Pit by VETO

A Pit cover art


A song that is nothing if not melancholy, “A Pit” is nonetheless blessed with an attention to detail seldom seen these days and a melodramatic vocal performance that could easily be that of a tortured poet.

Review date:  January 28, 2018

  Undone by Art of Shades

Undone cover art


I suppose that “Undone” by Art of Shades can be regarded as a song from the streets of today with that laidback urban beat providing an appealing post-midnight vibe that is sympathetically balanced by the voice of Sylo Nozra.

Review date:  January 28, 2018

  Lockdown by LINES

Lockdown cover art


Lines keep it routine within the electro pop confines of their song “Lockdown” whilst displaying the kind of musical persistence that would make any sequencer jealous.

Review date:  January 28, 2018

  Wolf by DYLYN

Wolf cover art


An insistent post midnight dancefloor beat drives “Wolf” forward with DYLYN’s voice matching the rhythm and maxing out the assertive vibe exuded by the lyrics. It’s undoubtedly a pop song for our synthetic times.

Review date:  January 20, 2018

  Feeling Good by John the Martyr

Feeling Good cover art


A song that does what it says on the tin, “Feeling Good” by John the Martyr relies on that old-time soul groove for motivation with Bill Hudson’s voice having the mark of a man who tells it like it is. The song might well sound like yesterday but it still works today.

Review date:  January 20, 2018

  Heat by Leyya

Heat cover art

Electro cool

Coolly hypnotic, “Heat” nudges Austrian duo Leyya one step further up the ladder to Euro electropop success and there is a certain wistfulness to the female vocals that provides more than sufficient Justification to avoid any accusation of a robotic takeover.

Review date:  January 20, 2018

  Cascades by Lydian Collective

Cascades cover art

Old head

There is something antique about a jazz flavoured instrumental and “Cascade” by The Lydian Collective does seem more of the past than the present but, as with fine wine, those with a few too many years on the clock will find this song much to their taste.

Review date:  January 20, 2018

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