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  Covers by Kimmie Rhodes

Covers cover art

Artist: Kimmie Rhodes
Title: Covers
Catalogue Number: Sunbird SBD0019
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

You can’t really go far wrong with a Kimmie Rhodes album. Good taste and eloquence can be taken for granted and that’s just for a start. You are also guaranteed to be spending time with one of those fragile, nearly broken yet nearly perfect voices that would make a recitation of the phone book a life enhancing experience.

It was therefore something of a surprise that such a pedestrian selection of cover versions should be the choice of the wondrous Ms Rhodes and, despite the presence of such luminaries as Delbert McLinton and Marcia Ball, nothing of interest happens here. In fact, I was drawn to wonder if the actual intention was to make the ideal soundtrack for that special journey up an elevator in some mid-western shopping mall.

Those of you wishing to experience the wonders of Kimmie Rhodes for the first time would be better advised to track down one of her previous albums - “Dreams of Flying”, for example – while the rest of us will write “Covers” off to experience and wait patiently for her next album.

Review Date: October 6 2013