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  Bra Power by Tit Sweat

Bra Power cover art

Artist: Tit Sweat
Title: Bra Power
Catalogue Number: Godless America Records
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2013

If this were December then I’d say something about Tit Sweat being the ghost of Christmas past returning to teach the Scrooge of the record industry the error of their corporate ways as the fat cats mercilessly choked the chicken on the table of maudlin Saturday night talent shows in search of new musical ability. Only it’s not Christmas and Tit Sweat, from Florida although you’d never know it from their New York City basement punk sound, have none of that so polished until even your grandmother thinks it is clean look. You’re not getting a lesson here. No, you’re getting a kicking.

Three women strong, they throw words of feminist fire at the brainwashed into indifference masses. “Hate Your Guts” pretty much sums up their power chord and smash the snare bad ass attitude although the other five songs have a similar knife wielding charm and that is no bad thing either. Crank the tempo stumbling menace of “Deviants” to the max and you will want to punch something. Like the wall. Or the bus stop.  I never really liked that bus stop anyway.

Talking of buses, there are no extended musical journeys here. You are going one stop at a time and then you are getting thrown off and Tit Sweat will take your wallet before you hit the ground. The spirit of punk is strong here and the display of relentless aggression is nothing less than refreshing in these antiseptic and anodyne times.

Released in that most guerrilla of audio formats – that’s a cassette in other words – “Bra Power” is proof that there are still words of revolution to be found down there on the streets.

The cassette and the download  are available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: September 23 2013