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  Revenger by Attack of the 70ft Bitch

Revenger cover art

Artist: Attack of the 70ft Bitch
Title: Revenger
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2013

Is it a concept album? Has the time for concept albums long since passed? Ponder those questions as you ears inhale the fumes of “Revenger” by Attack of the 70ft Bitch. It might well be a concept album but you might also smell something altogether more suspicious in the invisible grooves.

Suspicious like the curious lack of melody, the widespread use of soundbites and the near fatal lack of sound quality. It’s almost as if Attack of the 70ft bitch – an alias for someone who does something else for a day job – is out to make a point and that point is anyone can make an album with no more than a laptop and access to the great grab bag that is the Internet. If you look for the irony in that then search no further than “IFUCKINGLOVETECHNOLOGY” as brutal distortion, wryly bland samples from days gone by decorate the cunningly primitive techno beat.

Listen further and there is yet more. “All Effort and No Climax” is just that. Super irony or, as the great Bard once wrote large on the toilet wall of life – “Much Ado About Nothing”. Pop a pill and figure it out for yourself.

Life really is too short for all that you have to do. Listening to “Revenger” makes that fact only too clear.

Available from Bandcamp
Review Date: August 22 2013