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  In My Time of Dying b/w Folsom Prison Blues by The Dad Horse Experience XL

In My Time of Dying b/w Folsom Prison Blues cover art

Artist: The Dad Horse Experience XL
Title: In My Time of Dying b/w Folsom Prison Blues
Catalogue Number: Off Label Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

In the land of the offbeat, the Dad Horse Experience – even the XL version doing the business here – is sure to become king. Deliberately obtuse to the point of risking accusations of being contrived, this duo from the wrong side of the tracks take a determinedly minimalist yet conventional run at the traditional song “In My Time Of Dying”.

It seems – almost – appropriate to match that song with a cover of “Folsom Prison Blues”. Now, I’ve no idea why a performer as unique as the Dad Horse Experience would choose to walk the line so many have walked before but the walk is more of a drunken stumble this time around and the end result is none the worse for all that.

With the world full of plastic people, we should all give thanks that the unique musical talents of the Dad Horse Experience have received another airing. This vinyl release appears to be part of a series called Muddy Roots Vinyl Club series so there might well be more musical strangeness out there for you to seek out.
Review Date: August 19 2013