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  Real Anymore by Randolph’s Leap

Real Anymore cover art

Artist: Randolph’s Leap
Title: Real Anymore
Catalogue Number: Olive Grove Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

The ever prolific Randolph’s Leap return to take their legion of fans seven short steps further down the path to twee nirvana with their mini album “Read Anymore”. It is business as usual, of course, but even the uninitiated have to be curious about the way in which a band like this can bring a smile to your face,

It’s not that the songs are particularly humorous – although “Psychic” is something of a wry gem – or that the musical performances are sterling – naturalistic is perhaps the kindest description for the often obvious but charming clumsiness that pervades these songs – but you just can’t stop that smile from appearing on your face. Is it perhaps the endearing fragility of Adam Ross’s vocal’s or maybe the way in which his lyrical direction is taking him rapidly to grumpy old man territory without stopping at his rightful destination at the home of Prefab Sprout?

Whatever the reason, it makes it easy to forgive that all that self-loathing chips and cheese attitude that trips up most of the songs and when our Mr Ross goes all indignant in “Indie King” as he reflects on those accusations of ownership of unfortunate woolly jumpers (and probably an inability to drink Guinness too) you will very nearly cheer him along. However, the fact remains that it is the only full realised song here but, I hope, it is a definite indication that Adam Ross could actually make the album that he is capable of making.

“Real Anymore” is by no means a bad album but it also remains true to say that those who do not wear cardigans or possess incomplete beards may quickly dismiss it as simply more of the same. Randolph's Leap may well find that, unlike puppies, the smile will just be for Christmas.

Review Date: August 18 2013