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  What History Writes by Leading Edge

What History Writes cover art

Artist: Leading Edge
Title: What History Writes
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2013

It’s getting to be a habit with me. Or so it seems with the number of words that I write about Swedish pop bands these days and adding themselves to the list are Leading Edge who actually mange to sound remarkably non-Swedish with their album “What History writes”.

A lot of that “non-Swedish” sonic impact comes from the voice of Anna Johannisson who hits each and every song like she is auditioning for a mainstream American rock band. There is, truth be told, a strong hint of sensitivity to be found in “Distans” but the subtlety that underpins a Leading Edge song seems more the remit of guitarist Per Gustafsson who has all the right indie licks ready, willing and able for rapid deployment. He uses his skills to best effect on “Unnoticed” but he never really puts a fleet finger wrong.

Talking of the strong songs on the album – and we were – then you should direct your ears forthwith to both “Walking Dead” and “Like Clouds”. They are both very American but none the worse for that.

I can see Leading Edge moving more towards rock ballad territory in their future releases. Anna Johannisson’s voice would suit such songs well.

Review Date: August 4, 2013