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  Lone Hunter EP by Brandy Zdan

Lone Hunter EP cover art

Artist: Brandy Zdan
Title: Lone Hunter EP
Catalogue Number: Cavalier CR255607
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

It’s a sensitivity thing when you think about it. The big beer drinkers of this world probably won’t get the subtleties that define the appeal of Brandy Zdan’s voice. However said bowlers in the alley of life might perhaps wonder why her name is also that of a potent alcoholic beverage. Is Ms Zdan intoxicating perchance?

There are but six songs here and none of them even get close to breaking into the proverbial canter. It is, therefore, safe to say that you may find any or all of these songs a perfect soundtrack to the late evening when melancholy seems more appropriate to your mood than mere sentimentality with that whiff of country steel guitar complementing Ms Zdan’s voice in “Does Everything Break” just like the moon complements heartbreak. Likewise, the simplicity of the arrangement of “Lone Hunter” leaves plenty of space for the emptiness suggested by the lyrics.

This EP is undoubtedly the work of a sensitive artist and its very presentation suggests an undisguised honesty was the intention. So pour yourself another drink, press play one more time and ponder what was and what might be.

Review Date: August 4 2013