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  What’s In Between by The Pedaljets

What’s In Between cover art

Artist: The Pedaljets
Title: What’s In Between
Catalogue Number: Electric Moth EMR002
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

A new album from The Pedaljets? It has indeed been while since the floors were shaken by those Midwest rockers and, perhaps unsurprisingly, nothing much has changed since their heyday back when radio was still king.

There is proto grunge aplenty to be found here with riffs and four to floor drumming moving the songs along nicely just like the V8 in a slightly worn Pontiac. All those years to practice and ponder prove a benefit too with a professionalism evident that seems almost at odds with the band’s just escaped from the garage rock penitentiary groove. “Conversations”, for example, could easily be taken for a pastiche of a Steven Bishop song and “Dead Day Return” a homage to the sound of a much more successful band.
The mark of class, however, makes an unexpected appearance in the reflective “Goodbye To All That”. I’d also say that you will also find the mark of maturity in that song too and it’s a stadium filling song without a doubt.

You can’t keep a good band down and “What’s In Between” is the proof of that.

The album is available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: August 4 2013