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  Mercy EP by Michael Stovall

Mercy EP cover art

Artist: Michael Stovall
Title: Mercy EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2013

Adding himself to the ranks of earnest and worthy singer songwriters is Michael Stovall and this EP serves as an introduction – in the name your own price band – for his upcoming album.  It is a worthy introduction too even if the songs do betray their heritage at times.

Conventionality seems the order of the day and these five songs run the gamut of deep blue collar sentiments.  With your eyes shut, you would easily guess that there would be a redemption song (“It Don’t Take Two”) and a homesick song (“Home”). Then there’s also the woman on my mind song (“Love Me Like You Should”) and there’s the song that just might make his name (“Mercy”).

It does Mr Stovall no disservice to call him conventional. His voice certainly fits that Jesse Colin Young/John Prine style and his words likewise do him credit. If you can accept that these songs are no more than polished demos then you might even find Mr Stovall’s direct and unforced approach refreshing.
Available as a download from Bandcamp.

Review Date: July 27, 2013