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  Close To The Floor by Patrick Sweany

Close To The Floor cover art

Artist: Patrick Sweany
Title: Close To The Floor
Catalogue Number: Nine Mile NMR0087
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

OK, I don’t propose to waste much time on this album. On the plus side, there is no doubt that Patrick Sweany can write a pretty damn good blues soul style song. However, everything else about this album fails to reach a decent standard. The musicianship is best described as awkward – listen to the unfortunate Taj Mahal (presumably?) impersonation on “Every Night Every Day” for an example – and Mr Sweany’s vocal limitations are only too obvious throughout.

“Close To The Floor” is the proverbial curate’s egg of an album and it is therefore perhaps fortunate for Mr Sweany that song writing is more profitable than performing these days.
Review Date: July 20 2013