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  Fornication by Midnight Faces

Fornication cover art

Artist: Midnight Faces
Title: Fornication
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

I was considering the concept of mediocrity. Not merely the case of job just about done and no more but the deliberate targeting at the average level where no one will notice that nothing much has actually happened. It’s a perfectly legitimate tactical decision, of course, if you are in the business of selling supermarket style ready meals but it would unfortunately seem equally applicable to the music of Midnight Faces.

It’s not as if there was anything inherently wrong in their album “Fornication”. It is, after all, nicely performed in that plastic heavily sequenced kind of way sounding like a poor man’s attempt at crossing Coldplay with Arcade Fire and a hint of eighties electro pop. The vocals are OK in that emotive yet mundane way beloved of those who, perhaps subconsciously, do not want to be remembered. The songs, likewise, seem to have sweep and scope and yet lack actual substance meaning they are gone as soon as you have heard them.

“Fornication” is an album considerably less interesting than its title would suggest. Like I said, this is not a terrible album but that lack of passion and personality qualifies it as more than a little dull. The most worrying thing, however, is that it just might have been planned that way.

Review Date: July 14 2013