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  Vixens by Vixens

Vixens cover art

Title: Vixens
Catalogue Number: La Vida Es Un Mus MUS68
Review Format: LP
Release Year: 2013

It’s all in the presentation. Pink vinyl cut at 45rpm. A masterpiece of audiophile candyfloss perhaps? Or perhaps not as Canadian girl group – as in a group of girls rather than a collective of exquisite female harmonies – unleash their short sharp self titled shock. It would be disingenuous to call this an album because that would imply the presence of songs and that just about doesn’t happen here.

There’s a vague hint of a sort of riff and maybe, if you listen carefully, an occasional foray into melody. Certainly there is little in the way of decipherable lyrics to distract you from the sonic assault. So what is the appeal of an album like this? I’ll tell you. The Vixens make home brew punk rock that is positively old school in its approach. You don’t get time to dislike the songs, although perhaps only “Absolute Complacency” actually qualifies as one, as they fly by so quickly. Guerrilla tactics have their place in music too, it would seem.

However, amongst the primitive slaughter of accepted musical practice there beats a heart far bigger than that of any sensitive singer songwriter. Vixens – Gold bless them – are about as close as you will get to the visceral power of three power chords. Raw is probably the best one word description of their music. Refreshing would be the next best one.
Review Date: July 14 2013