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  Crashdollz by Crashdollz

Crashdollz cover art

Artist: Crashdollz
Title: Crashdollz
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2013

After an afternoon of listening to the terminally dull but immaculately perfumed shite from the cultural abyss known as Americana, I had a clear and present need for some musical excitement. Time therefore for Crashdollz. Time therefore to see if their self titled album could raise me from the dead.

Let’s do the background stuff first. Crashdollz – Nikki Darling, Rachel Rekkit, Ron Crash and Brian Kaos - hail from Detroit and they are purveyors of blood red hard rock steak with a punk rock seasoning on top. That’s a relentlessly macho musical place to be but adding in female vocals and, perhaps surprisingly, a female guitarist has a distinctly positive effect. Don’t get me wrong as although you can find something deeper here, Crashdollz know that they have to make music to accompany professional late night beer drinking (and consequently they may cause your average mid-western 14 year old male to explode prematurely). Witness the overt sexuality in “Novocaine” if you need to hear the proof that heating things right up is their way.

Now on to what makes Crashdollz a bit different. The lyrics go a good bit further than you might expect with the surf powered “Bad Taste Barbie” throwing a verbal rock right at you. That pushing things a bit further attitude extends into twisting their songs into something simultaneously theatrical and disturbing. I’m talking about “Dollhouse” and it is the song of the album.

It is an undeniable truth that an album like this will make you drive your pickup truck at excessive speed on the highway of life with consequent side effects on the mortality of assorted rodents and bunny rabbits. Kangaroos too, for that matter. Crashdollz might well be the sound of road kill on steroids but I am pretty damn certain that you too will find that there is more to this band than meets the ears.

I live again!

The album is available for free download from Bandcamp.

Review Date: July 14, 2013