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  Dawn of The Eskimo by Pablo Eskimo

Dawn of The Eskimo cover art

Artist: Pablo Eskimo
Title: Dawn of The Eskimo
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2013

I have always imagined a great jousting amongst the musicians of Glasgow with self-righteous singer songwriters on one side of the fence and the rock and roll lifestyle as an excuse for delinquent behaviour type bands on the other. The former group, as you will have no doubt noticed, is many in number and the latter seems headed for extinction as the concept of a good time is steadily reduced to no more than communal tweeting.

And so to the case of Pablo Eskimo and their album “Dawn Of The Eskimo”. As a band they are most certainly not acoustic and I would imagine that their only use for Nick Drake would be as a role model for dying young. Sonically they throw in all the right Scottish guitar band influences with the jagged chord count held well in check. However it is the queasy morality of this album that catches your attention. “Morning After”, an ode to the morning aftermath, provides a pretty damn good example of this. Likewise, the cheery inevitability of obsession found in “Bunny Boiler” marks this band out as one to keep an eye on if only for your personal safety and, as Alaine Allison goes all wistfully determined in “Just Past Caring”, you know that doing that stock check of those knives in the kitchen was a smart idea. That lyrical inspiration has to come from somewhere, after all.

Despite some moments of awkwardness, Pablo Eskimo make a very respectable showing with this their debut album. The sensitive minstrels of this no mean city should quake in their canvas shoes as there is now a band that has the capability to stomp all over them.
Review Date: July 4 2013