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  Worlds Collide by Rose of Jericho

Worlds Collide cover art

Artist: Rose of Jericho
Title: Worlds Collide
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

From a reviewer’s point of view, it is often the path of least resistance when composing words of critical appraisal to say that a band is like some other band whether or not that comparison is actually justified. It would therefore have been easy to compare Texas band Rose of Jericho to other American power pop icons of the recent past like The Hush Sound and, on first listen at least, there is more than enough evidence to be found in their album “Worlds Collide” for a conviction.

However, despite the high sheen pop polish that both bands share, there are a few differences. Rose of Jericho is more of a one woman show for a start. That is not to do a disservice to the other members of the band, for they never give less than sterling support, but it is abundantly clear to these ears that it is the voice of Andrea Russie that is always to the fore.  Whether the song is acoustically tempered, like “Night Sky”, or following a rocky path, such as “Burning Bridges”, this is no bad thing as she brings an endearingly frothy intensity to all that she sings. The pretty power pop of “Barely Breathing” – by coincidence the song most like The Hush Sound – seals the deal on this matter and gets the band ten to life for actually being good.

So, “Worlds Collide” is a commercial album full of the kind of songs that connoisseurs of mainstream American power pop with a twist will enjoy. A job well done, I would say.

The album is available from CD Baby, ITunes and other download sites.

Review Date: July 2 2013