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  Home Storm by Joan & The Sailors

Home Storm cover art

Artist: Joan & The Sailors
Title: Home Storm
Catalogue Number: Little Jig Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

As in all things, it doesn’t take long before you hear and feel the benefit of maturity. Not that there was anything wrong with Joan and the Sailor’s debut album of course but “Home Storm” raises their game to a level where greater recognition amongst the musical cognoscenti must surely follow.

Their deeply textured sound remains with the classical eloquence of the cello used to great effect throughout although even that measure of atmospheric perfection is outshone by the moody shadows of Mario Dotta’s guitar this time around. However, the album’s heart belongs to Joan Seller herself. Her voice is seemingly ordinary but is nonetheless remarkably at home in English, French and Spanish. “La Realité”, for example provides evidence that Ms Seller is perhaps a follower of the great tradition of chanson. Her flexibility in matters melancholy then transfers nicely into the English language despair of “Train Song”. Even “En Guantos Blancos” seems more Spanish sunset than sunrise.

You might be thinking by now that “Home Storm” is a downbeat to the point of being bleak album but that is not the case.  Like many a classic album of the seventies, this is a true album that entices you to listen to each and every song in succession and all you can do is let those emotions flow over you for after every night comes the bright light of day.

To further aid your enjoyment, this album is available on vinyl.
Review Date: June 30 2013