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  I Love You, It’s Ok by Jigsaw Analogy

I Love You, It’s Ok cover art

Artist: Jigsaw Analogy
Title: I Love You, It’s Ok
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2011

This is a strange one. Almost jazzy in its freeform left of centre intentions, “I Love You, It’s OK” from Finnish band Jigsaw Analogy isn’t what you might expect. At least t might well confound your expectations of what is actually in the biscuit tin.

A lilting beat holds things together in the manner that that the night people will understand. The songs seem deliberately difficult lyrically as if all those late nights had induced a detachment from the rest of the human race. Notwithstanding that curious diversion from the norm, there is much to commend in this lo-fi collision of best musical intentions and artistic integrity although the less than convincing vocals often trip the songs up but that, of course, may well be part of some master plan designed to confound the user’s intellect as “How To Be A Person” eloquently proves.

All things considered, “I Love You, It’s Ok” is late night listening for a world much different from our own. The Krell have gone populist again.

Review Date: June 15 2013