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  Something Shatters EP by Looking For Lola

Something Shatters EP cover art

Title: Something Shatters EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2012

As we walk through the forest of life, we should have a soundtrack on our iPod. Our collective IPod that is brimmed full of songs that uplift and inspire and yet. Something perhaps from Looking For Lola who, despite their digital persuasion, seem more of the ethereal past than the present.

So it is with the songs on this EP from this Glasgow band. Maybe it is the ever entrancing voice of Kat Orr – she was once of the quirky pop entity Ten To Five Project – that is the key here? Or maybe the musical humour – is there such a thing?  - right at the end of “Danny’s Waltz”. That’s an example of the humanity Looking For Lola inject into, and so often missing from, the music of their contemporaries.

You could easily, perhaps, dismiss these six songs as inoffensive. Well, you could if you had no heart. Flavoured with the essence of proper folk music, Looking For Lola’s recipe here seems clear. They are spring and summer rather than autumn and winter with even the shadows only a moment away from the sunrise.  Let us return, however, to Kat Orr. “Darkness Falls And We Count The Stars” is a cause to worship here. Her voice is fragile, infused with all things wistful and she walks through this song like a spirit lost in the wind. Sometimes less is truly more.

With our walk through the forest now finished, the world now seems a better place.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: June 15 2013