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  Jock's Juke Joint Volume 3 by Various Artists

Jock's Juke Joint Volume 3 cover art

Title: Jock's Juke Joint Volume 3
Catalogue Number: Lewis Hamilton Music LHMSBC32012
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

It’s an earnest thing that they do as the eighteen Scottish flavoured blues acts, all good and true, display their wares on the silver disc that spins round and round. Three volumes in and the Jock’s Juke Joint series once again proves that the blues is everywhere. You just have to look for it.

For a compilation, the standards and styles are remarkably consistent with the practically every band pulling off an entirely believable facsimile of the real thing. In fact, Calum Ingram is the only artist to dare to reach out into left field with the curiously compelling, cello driven “Game”. He’s an individual and of that there is no doubt.
Other more conventional, yet still worthy, efforts come from the delicately melancholic Linda Jaxson (“Light In Your Eyes”), the rough and ready The Stumble (“Lie To Me”), retro blues rock practitioners The Afghan Hounds (“Electric Karma Blues”) and the spirited Harmonica Lewinsky (“Through with Me”).

This is a compilation that will meet many people’s expectations of what a blues band should sound like and it is to the credit of all concerned that, if it were not for the title, few would guess that this music came from Scotland. /JocksJukeJoint
Review Date: June 12 2013