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  Someone’s Sun by Lucky Bones

Someone’s Sun cover art

Artist: Lucky Bones
Title: Someone’s Sun
Catalogue Number: LBCD003
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

One day I’ll fly away. That’s the feeling you get as you listen to “Someone’s Sun” by Irish band Lucky Bones.  Eamonn O’Connor’s confidence has clearly grown since his debut album and armed with a proper band this time around, he sets off on a familiar, and sentimental, musical adventure.

Leading with the strong cards, “She Don’t Know” establishes Eamonn O' Connor a singer of songs and there is no mistaking his ability to put life into a lyric. Similarly, the up-tempo “Baby Please Don’t Pull Me Down” is handled with such verve that foot tapping is obligatory and dancing probably inevitable. Just to demonstrate that they also have a thoughtful side, Lucky Bones then take “Born In A Holy Land” and throw a bit of gravitas into the lyrical mix before thing get sentimental again with “Won’t Be Coming Home”.

Borne of tradition and nurtured with care, “Someone’s Sun” is the kind of album that will find much in the way of favour with festival audiences worldwide. I will say, however, that some of the lyrical sparkle found in the Lucky Bones’ debut album has been mislaid somewhere along the line but perhaps the wholesale adoption of conventionality will put this band on the road to commercial success. It would be nice to think so.

Review Date: June 9 2013